CHS Family Update

November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving weekend...and that's a wrap!

I am rested (for now). I hope you are as well. My family has been running around a lot lately. With two kids in multiple activities in far flung places it is a wonder we ever get a chance to see each other. It was so nice to hit the pause button and spend some quality time together as a whole family unit. We vowed not to go anywhere on Thanksgiving day and we succeeded. We fired up the stove, made food, played board games, watched a movie, and just spent the entire day enjoying each others company. It was a long quiet restful weekend.

I look forward to a strong ending to our trimester.

Cheers to you all.

In The Know

Screenagers - We will be hosting a free viewing of the film 'Screenagers' on December 4th in our auditorium. This is a film that explores the impact of screen time on kids AND offers solutions on how we can help kids find balance. Many parents bring their kids ages 10 and up to see the film and we’re so happy to see many of them actively participate in the post-screening discussions!

Dr. Ruston decided to make Screenagers when she found herself constantly struggling with her own two kids about screen time. This is depicted along with many other stories in Screenagers. Dr. Ruston has won several awards for her work using films to create movements for social change and has been invited to give talks to all types of audiences around the world. Click here to see her full bio.

Winter Weather: Snow Day Information - When winter weather arrives, schools may be closed or delayed or buses may use snow routes. These decisions are made by the district early in the morning and are the same for every 4J school.

Snow day notifications: Our school district communicates any decision to change school or bus schedules as quickly as possible in several ways, all well before 6:30 a.m.

No news = No change. If schools and buses are on their regular schedule, there will NOT be an announcement.

School schedule:

School Closure = No school for students. Decision about afternoon/evening activities will be made by noon.

Two-Hour Delay: School starts two hours late and ends at the usual school dismissal time. If a delay occurs on an early release Friday, school will still be dismissed at the early release time.

Snow Routes: Some school bus routes have alternate “snow routes” that avoid higher and steeper elevations. If you need information about your student’s bus route, please see

Parent Choice: Please consider the road conditions in your own area in making your decision about school attendance, and notify the school if your student will be staying home. Parents’ decisions about absences for weather-related safety reasons will be honored.

For more information, please see


Clima de invierno: Información de días de nieve - Cuando hay mal tiempo en el invierno, las escuelas pueden cerrar o comenzar tarde y los autobuses pueden utilizar las rutas de nieve. Estas decisiones se toman para el distrito entero y aplican a todas las escuelas de Eugene 4J.

Notificaciones de día de nieve: Nuestro distrito escolar comunicará cualquier cambio de horario de jornada escolar o rutas de autobuses lo mas pronto posible de varias maneras, siempre antes de las 6:30 a.m.

  • Regístrese para recibir alertas de mensajes de texto por medio de twitter
  • Revise la página web del distrito
  • Revise las páginas de red sociales del distrito
  • Consulte las estaciones de noticias locales por radio, televisión o internet
  • Marque el numero de teléfono de emergencia en español, 541-790-7738

Ninguna notificación = Ningún cambio. Si no hay ningún cambio de horario o de rutas de autobuses, NO habrá ningún anuncio.

Horario de clases:

Cierre de escuela (“Schools Closed”) = Los alumnos no asistirán a la escuela. Decisiones sobre actividades extracurriculares se tomarán antes del mediodía.

Retraso de dos horas (“Two-Hour Delay”): Las clases comenzarán dos horas mas tarde y terminarán a la hora normal en un día escolar regular. Si el retraso ocurre en un viernes, los estudiantes saldrán a la hora de salida temprana.

Rutas de nieve (“Snow Routes”): Algunas rutas de autobuses escolares tienen rutas alternativas de nieve (“snow routes”) que evitan elevaciones mas altas y empinadas. Podrá encontrar más información en

Opción de los padres (“Parent Choice”): Por favor considere las condiciones de las carreteras donde vive al tomar la decisión de mandar o no a su estudiante a la escuela. Notifique a la escuela si su estudiante no asistirá a clases. Las decisiones de los padres sobre la ausencia de sus estudiantes por razones de seguridad en el clima inclemente serán respetadas.

Podrá encontrar más información en inglés en el sitio web

Big picture

Looking Forward

Finals Week - No All Staff Meetings

Monday 11/26:

FOG Meeting - 7:45am

Admin Mtg. 9-10am

AVID Coordinators Mtg 2:15-3:15pm (Greg out)

Secondary Admin. Mtg. 3:30-5:30pm (Greg, Casandra, & Misael out)

Tuesday 11/27:

Professional Development Team Planning 3:45-4:45pm

Latino Family Night 7-8pm Cafeteria

Wednesday 11/28:

School Wide Data Team Mtg. 7:30-8:30am

Operations 3:45-5:00pm

Thursday 11/29:

Safety Team 7:30-8:30am

Instructional Leadership Team Mtg. 12:00-3:00pm (Greg out)

Friday 11/30:

Health Team Coordination Meeting 2:45-3:30pm


Dorothy Stolsig - Thank you Dorothy for your generous and selfless acts of kindness. Year in and year out we are graced by your thoughtful gestures. We genuinely appreciate the bowls of fresh fruit that were left for staff to enjoy. It was a bountiful gesture! You help make Churchill a great place to work.

Katy McAulliffe - Thank you for being a great partner. You have kindness in everything you do. Whether you are helping students, listening to staff, or sharing tough information as a process advocate, you always do it with kindness and empathy. Thank you for being such a great colleague and support to every person here at Churchill.

Lodi Soderholm - Thank you for your strength, vision, and leadership as the Math Department Chair, your role on Curriculum Council and on Operations. You always come with a reflective mind set and hold a strong vision for the work that we are doing as a staff. I appreciate your candor and your thoughtfulness. Your department is lucky to have you. So is our staff.