Ms. Whitaker's Winners

Fifth Grade

About Me

My name is Dominique Whitaker. I graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor's Degree in Teaching and Learning. I love to read, watch movies and eat. I have two dogs. Max is a Pomsky and Jesus is a Rottweiler. I am so excited to be teaching your fifth students this year! We are going to have a great time!

Fifth Grade Reading Survey

Fifth grade students will fill this out at the beginning of the year. I will use the results from the survey to help me choose books for the students to read and determine the best ways to have them read the book. I want all students engaged in reading the books through out the school year. By figuring out their interests I will have a better chance at getting them to participate and do well in class. Their responses will also help me plan out more engaging activities. Photo Credit

Summer Reading Project

As you know, your students were required to read a book from the summer reading list. In conjunction with that your students will make a short presentation about the book. They received the instructions in class this week. Students will have two weeks to complete the assignment and will have time to work on it in class. Photo Credit

Library Trips

The class is scheduled to go to the library every Wednesday. Students are able to check out two books at a time. Each student is required to check out one book, but we encourage them to get two. They will read these books and log it on their reading logs. Reading logs will have the title of the book, the number of pages read, and a summary of the book.

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Open House

Parents are invited to come out to the school and meet the teachers. You will see what your students have been working on so far as well as what we have planned for them for the rest of the school year. I really encourage you to come out and see what your students have been up to. Photo Credit