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Equustria Development

In addition to being a company devoted to performance art, Equuestria Development was also concerned with giving back to the San Diego community. Animal welfare was of primary importance to Equuestria Development. To help animals, Equuestria Development partnered with high-quality and well-known animal center. The renowned animal center has many programs designed to help animals and pet owners in the San Diego area.

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Excellence in Horse-Riding: Equustria Development

Equustria Development had been honored to announce the 2012 tour dates for its tour de force performance Valitar, which featured some of the most skilled equestrians and most beautiful breeds of horses on Earth. This choreographed horseback riding event was a jaw-dropping spectacle that featured an array of beautiful horses and talented performers, and was centered on an acrobatic-type of performance.

Equustria Development showed both ambition and daring in bringing such an amazing spectacle to the stage, one that balanced the talent of amazing human performers with the skill, agility and majesty of some of the most beautiful animals on Earth. It was the goal of Equustria Development professionals to bring something novel and exciting to audiences across the globe, and to show push the limits of people’s perception of gravity and entertainment.

Equustria Development demonstrated its commitment to bringing something different and never seen to an audience thirsting for a change. Their professionals had only one desire, which was to create and present something people would never forget, and to open their eyes up to the symmetry and cooperation possible between human and animal.

Equustria Development professionals worked diligently to develop and present this unique and exciting form of entertainment. Through hard work, ambition and determination, they were able to make this happen, and to leave an enduring impression on the hearts and minds of so many throughout the local area. Their passion for entertainment and excitement was translated into the performance of a lifetime, something people will never forget.

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Equustria Development: Renowned Company

The San Diego-based Equustria Development quickly became a staple in the San Diego community, in large part due to the eye-opening spectacle of Valitar, a never before seen performance that featured an amazing array of acrobatics and equestrian skill that both delighted and entertained audiences. Equustria Development announced the opening of the show in 2012, and is proud of the production it worked to create and bring to people of all ages.

Equustria Development aimed its sights high, striving to build, develop and provide an entertaining performance unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. Comprised of 40 of the finest breeds of horses, as well as 25 amazing human performers, the Valitar event was developed as something far above and beyond the norms of entertainment, something that would leave an irremovable impression on audiences throughout the world.

Equustria Development transformed the majesty, grace, beauty and strength of one of nature’s most magnificent animals into a powerful display of a horse’s true potential, and showed audiences that what before seemed impossible was now a reality. The performance was an amazing spectacle filled with all sorts of wonder and awe, leaving audiences jaws on the floor and creating the need to see more in every person fortunate enough to have witnessed the event.

Equustria Development donated a good portion of its proceeds to a local animal organization, and earned the respect and admiration of many within both the business and the entertainment communities. Their professionals discovered a way to not only inspire the masses, but to also be an active part of a stronger San Diego community.

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San Diego Community Benefitted from Equustria Development Support

The professionals at Equustria Development exhibited an unwavering commitment to the welfare and care of horses throughout both San Diego and beyond. This commitment was displayed, time and again, through the financial support the company provided a local animal welfare organization, one that recognized the unique needs of these beautiful, intelligent and powerful animals.

Equustria Development professionals were honored to have had the opportunity to be an involved and active member of the San Diego community, and to make a difference in the lives of animals often without the means to protect and defend themselves against potential abuse, neglect and abandonment. Equustria Development, which produced the horseback-based Valitar performance in 2012, was valued for its devotion to be of service not only to these wonderful animals, but also to a local organization that shared its desire to keep them safe, protected and secure.

The San Diego-based organization benefitted from the financial support that came from Equustria Development’s Valitar production, receiving a portion of the event’s ticket sales. The center’s Equine and Large Animal Hospital, as well as the Therapeutic Riding Program, were the beneficiaries of these donations, which helped the operation carry out its primary mission and to adequately function.

Equustria Development was famed for its presentation of the Valitar event, which featured a unique combination of acrobatics and equestrian skill that awed and inspired local audiences. The company earned recognition and praise not only from these audiences, but also from the local community for its commitment to horse and animal welfare.

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Equuestria Development’s Origins

Mark Remley, successful San Diego businessman, changed his life when he decided to pursue his passion for horses and founded Equuestria Development. Perhaps this passion was influenced by his wife Tatyana Remley. Tatyana rode horses since childhood and nurtured a lifelong love for the powerful animals.

Equuestria Development was inspired by the Remley’s worldwide travels to see horse shows. They watched awe-inspiring performances, which showcased the natural beauty, grace, power, and coordination of horses. The Remleys were amazed by the shows, but saw potential for even more. Equuestria Development was created to produce a unique kind of horse and acrobat performance show.

Equuestria Development realized this ambition in the show Valitar. Valitar featured 25 award-winning human acrobats, dancers, and performers as well as 40 stunning horses of top breeds. Valitar gave audiences an awe-inspiring performance in its own class. In Valitar, Equuestria Development boasted gravity-defying feats of grace in both horses and humans

Valitar featured original music, acrobatics, and choreography. Equuestria Development opened Valitar in November of 2012 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Sylvia Zerbini, an award-winning performer with decades of performance and directing experience, directed Equuestria Development’s Valitar. The show was a spectacular, one-of-a-kind event.

The Remley’s love of horses never wavered. They used Equuestria Development to donate to the finest in large animal care programs for horses in San Diego. These programs included the Equine and Large Animal Hospital as well as the Therapeutic Riding Program. Equuestria Development was the realization of a dream, and proved where passion can take a person.

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Equustria Development: Protecting Horse Welfare

The main focus of Equustria Development, particularly during their release of the eye-opening Valitar performance in 2012, was to provide support, protection and love to horses throughout the local community. As their professionals know, horses are powerful and majestic animals, though many would be subject to starvation, abandonment, abuse and neglect without the help of local horse rescue organizations, such as an animal care organization.

Equustria Development choose to support this particular large animal organization because of the values the operation shared, and continues to share, with the Equustria Development team. Founded in 1972, the animal center recognizes the unique needs of these majestic and beautiful animals, and works towards providing a better future for horses throughout the San Diego area. Equustria Development understood the commitment of the animal center team, and decided to make a commitment of its own to the continued success of the organization.

Equustria Development consistently demonstrated its support of the center, and made an effort to provide substantial financial assistance to its cause by donating a significant portion of the company’s Valitar ticket sales to the organization. Horse welfare was first and foremost one of Equustria’s highest priorities, and is inextricably linked to their legacy of animal care and support.

Equustria Development debuted the Valitar performance to local audiences in 2012, and presented a unique and entertaining look at the majesty, beauty and power of horses in a production-type setting. The company left an indelible imprint on many lives through this performance, and quickly established itself as a committed member of the San Diego community.

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Equustria Development: Unveiling Excellence

Equustria Development was a company of ambition; the desire to unleash an entirely new form of awe-inspiring entertainment that would not only provide a world-class level of entertainment to audiences throughout the world, but that would also challenge people’s idea of what was possible. Equustria Development professionals accomplished their dream through the unveiling of Valitar, one of the most amazing horseback acrobatic performances to have ever graced the field of entertainment.

Equustria Development’s vision for entertainment excellence was unveiled at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in the year 2012, delighting audiences of all ages with a horseback performance extravaganza that both awed and inspired a large audience. Directed by an award-winning professional and carried out by an amazing array of animals and performers, the event provided an unforgettable acrobatic experience that left the audience clinging to the edge of their seats.

Equustria Development wanted to present something the world had truly never seen before, something that would never be forgotten and that unleash the full potential of a horseback performance. The horses who performed in the Valitar event displayed an amazing set of acrobatic talents and showed up the potential of what an animal of such majesty, beauty and intelligence can truly do.

Equustria Development professionals are proud of what they accomplished with this eye-opening event, as well as the impact the show had on numerous members of the audience and the entertainment community. They themselves were inspired by the performances they created and developed, as well as the support they provided the San Diego community.
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Equuestria Development’s Tips for Interacting with Large Animals

For some people, interacting with animals comes naturally. However, animals have different body language from humans and it can be difficult to interpret. For larger animals, a mistake in reading their body language can be dangerous. For those who are unsure how to interact with animals that might be dangerous, follow these tips:

Trust your instincts. If you feel tense by the way an animal is looking or reacting to you, there is no reason to approach it, especially when alone. When it comes to interacting with animals that might be dangerous, our own animal instincts are the best judge. Do not approach an animal that you are getting a bad feeling from.

Stay in the animal’s line of sight. Even if an animal is bigger than you are, animals don’t want to get into fights with humans because they can lead to an injury. For a wild animal, even a mild injury can result in an infection that can kill them. Believe it or not, the animal is as scared of you as you are of it. Do not come up behind an animal, because it might perceive his as a threat and think it has no choice but to attack. If you keep your distance and stay where the animal can see you, it will more than likely leave you alone.

Ask for help. When interacting with an unfamiliar animal, don’t be afraid to ask someone who knows the animal for advice on how to deal with it. Animals like a familiar face and that can be enough to soothe them into wanting to be around you.

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Equuestria Development’s Successful Business Practices for Unique Businesses

Equuestria Development was a unique company. It was devoted to bringing horseback riding to a new level, giving audiences an experience to remember. Having a vision like this can be inspiring, but disheartening when it becomes clear that there is no industry roadmap to success. However, there are a few tips that can help any young business succeed, even when it doesn’t have many established businesses to look to for advice.

Have a goal and make a plan. Equuestria Development was a performance company and their goal was to hold performances. An emerging company must decide what it wants to bring to the world and how it wants to do so. Make a plan for investing. Make two lists: one for short-term goals and one for long-term goals. Equuestria Development’s biggest goal was to host a world-touring performance.

Find experts. Even if there are not many mature businesses in a niche industry, there are no doubt experts in the field who can help. Equuestria Development needed experts who could ride horses, perform acrobatics, dance, choreograph, and organize events just to name a few. Any business can benefit from expert advice if you take the time to track those experts down.

Stick with it. Starting a business is difficult. It is expensive and requires a lot of work, but don’t be discouraged. Equuestria Development was a company with a very unique business plan, but it worked hard to bring its goals to fruition. Nothing is accomplished by giving up. No matter how unique a particular business idea is, it can come to fruition by following this advice.

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Horse-Rider Performance Spectacle Unveiled by Equuestria Development

Equuestria Development was pleased to announce in 2012 the tour dates for Valitar, an original choreographed horseback riding performance event. Valitar was an ambitious dance and acrobatic production. Featuring 25 award-winning human performers and 40 horses of top breeds, Valitar gave audiences an immersive, awe-inspiring performance in its own class. In Valitar, Equuestria Development boasted gravity-defying feats of athleticism and grace, featuring never before seen interactions between horses and riders.

Valitar featured original music, choreography, and many unique sets and costumes. The performance debuted at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in November of 2012. Child general admission was $39 and adult general admission was $65, with an additional VIP option available. Equuestria Development hired Sylvia Zerbini as director because of her award-winning performances and her extensive experience in performance and directing. By all accounts, Valitar was a spectacular, one-of-a-kind performance that gave audiences an unforgettable experience. In Valitar, Equuestria Development presented a show that truly had never been done before.

Equuestria Development’s goal in Valitar was to offer a unique and extraordinary performance. In addition, Equuestria Development used Valitar as a way to give back to the San Diego community by donating charitable contributions that would benefit animals. Equuestria Development partnered with a San Diego founded animal care center to help horses. Equuestria Development chose this particular, unique and well-versed center because it is not a regular animal shelter, but a nonprofit organization that recognizes the diverse needs of different animals, including horses. Equuestria Development donated a portion of the Valitar ticket sales to the most respected organization in San Diego animal care.

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Equuestria Development Committed to Animals

When Mark Remley was president of Equuestria Development, he made it part of the company’s goal to help animals. Equuestria Development was a company built on a love and respect for horses, and an admiration of their beauty and power. In this world, animals need our help to live healthy lives. Equuestria Development understood this and made animal welfare a priority.

As a locally owned company with a love for horses and animals of all kinds, Equuestria Development partnered with the best known animal care organization in San Diego. The local equestrian based horse care center is a nonprofit that has many diverse programs to help animals in the San Diego area, where Equuestria Development is based. The San Diego area’s bets in animal care is not an animal shelter. It is an organization based on the understanding that animals have more needs than just a shelter until they are adopted. Different animals have different needs, and different communities have different needs. Equuestria Development donated to an organization that would help horses.

The funds that went to this highly-respected animal care organization came from Equuestria Development’s acrobatic show Valitar. Valitar was a horseback riding acrobatic event that debuted in November of 2012. With gravity-defying feats, world-class performers, and the best specimens of the finest horse breeds, Valitar was a unique and breathtaking performance. Equuestria Development donated a significant amount of the proceeds from ticket sales to the San Diego region’s finest animal care organization. The donated money went to the center’s therapeutic riding program as well as their equine and large animal hospital.

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Equuestria Development Supported World-Class Performers

Equuestria Development was a company created as a tribute to the beauty and power of horses. People have long been fascinated with the agility and strength of these graceful, strong animals. Horse shows and circus events involving horses have occurred for centuries. Equuestria Development sought to create a show that honored the beauty and power of horses in a new way. In November 2012, Equuestria Development debuted the horseback acrobatic show Valitar.

Valitar was a high-energy, gravity-defying performance event featuring horseback riding performances on a never before seen scale. Equuestria Development chose award-winning, world-renowned performer and director Sylvia Zerbini to direct the show. Equuestria Development’s Valitar was unforgettable for audience members. It featured 40 horses of the finest breeds and 25 human performers combining their strength and grace into an awe-inspiring event. By all accounts, Valitar was a spectacle on a scale that had never been seen before.

Equuestria Development brought in experienced and talented performers from around the world to create this unique performance event. Equuestria Development sought to bring the world the greatest performers, and in doing so supported an under-appreciated art form. The athleticism and experience debuted in Valitar were unmatched in the world of horse-rider performance.

Equuestria Development also sought to help its local community. In a partnership with the San Diego organization and care center, Equuestria Development donated a portion of the ticket sale proceeds from Valitar to programs that benefit horses. The money went to the animal organization’s equine and large animal hospital and their therapeutic riding program.

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Equuestria Development Honored to Give Back to San Diego Community

Equuestria Development was a company created as a dedication to the grace and power of horses. Equuestria Development made headlines with the debut of Valitar, an exclusive horse-rider acrobatic event. Valitar featured death-defying feats of grace and power by world-class performers and breathtaking specimens of the finest breeds of horses.

Valitar was an event unlike any other; Equuestria Development showed the world a new kind of horse-human performance that had never before been attempted. Valitar was an unforgettable experience for audience members. Equuestria Development succeeded in showcasing a new form of performance art. Equuestria Development also acknowledged that this could not have been done without horses.

To honor these beautiful animals, Equuestria Development entered into a partnership with a local animal focused care center. Being a locally owned company, Equuestria Development was compelled to give back to San Diego. The organization has been serving animals in the San Diego area since 1972.

Equuestria Development chose the animal care center because it is a local organization that surpasses all other animal shelters. The organization recognizes the need for more community based animal care besides simple shelters because animals have diverse needs. In donating to the San Diego animal based organization, Equuestria Development knew their funds would directly help horses and their special needs.

A portion of the ticket sales from Valitar was set aside to donate to the best in
San Diego area animal care organizations. These funds were used in the organization’s equine and large animal hospital as well as their therapeutic riding program.

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Horse Welfare a Priority at Equuestria Development

Equuestria Development was a company built on a love and respect for horses. The beauty and power of horses is compelling to many, but not everyone shows it by directly contributing to the welfare of these graceful animals. Equuestria Development showed the high priority they placed on animal welfare, particularly with horses, by partnering with San Diego’s finest in animal care centers.

Equuestria Development did not choose the finest animal and horse care center at random. Being a locally owned company in San Diego, Equuestria Development wanted to give back to its local community. The San Diego care center is a nonprofit organization founded in 1972. It is not an animal shelter; rather it is a community center that provides services that animals need. Equuestria Development chose the San Diego-based horse care center because it is a turn away from the animal shelter model, being instead an organization that recognizes the diverse needs of difficult kinds of animals in different communities.

In their partnership, Equuestria Development set aside a portion of their ticket sales from their performance event Valitar, to give to the San Diego institution for animal care. Valitar was a spectacular horseback acrobatic performance. Valitar debuted in November of 2012. Child general admission tickets went for $39 and adult general admission went for $65, in addition to a VIP option.

The funds Equuestria Development donated from Valitar went to programs at the organization, specifically designed with the needs of horses in mind. The money went to the organization’s equine and large animal hospital and their therapeutic riding program.

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Equuestria Development’s Premiere Horse Acrobatics Show Valitar

In 2012, Equuestria Development was honored and delighted to announce Valitar, a world-class exclusive performance event. Valitar was a unique acrobatics show featuring top performers from around the world performing gravity-defying feats with the finest breeds of horses. Riders and horses performed choreographed acrobatics at a scale that had never been seen before.

Valitar opened at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in November 2012 under a 45,000 square foot tent. Equuestria Development presented Valitar as a locally owned company committed to bringing a unique art form to audiences worldwide. Erik Matonovich and Alethea Shelton, both award-winning performers with a combined 30 years of experience, directed Valitar. Equuestria Development’s Valitar brought a unique art form to the public, bringing attendees an unforgettable experience of athleticism, power, and beauty.

Equuestria Development was a company dedicated to horse and animal welfare. As such, they formed a partnership with one of San Diego’s own beautiful, well-known and highly-respected animal care centers. In this partnership, Equuestria Development agreed to donate a significant portion of its ticket sale proceeds from Valitar to the center’s important programs. The donated funds went to the center’s therapeutic riding program as well as their equine and large animal hospital. Equuestria Development’s commitment to performance was matched by their dedication to horse and animal welfare.

As a company, Equuestria Development sought to create a unique and unforgettable performance experience in Valitar. Their love of the beauty, grace, and strength of horses was unmistakable in their conduct as a company. Their contribution to animal welfare indicates a true compassion for the remarkable work that goes into creating a show highlighting the ethereal nature of horses.