Tick Season

Springs here! Watch out for the common parasite the Tick.

The Tick and it's Surroundings

The tick primarily lives in a woodsie area, at least where there are trees. However they can be found in places such as underneath leaves or plants in your yard. Basically anywhere to prevent dehydration. This is because it feeds on blood. Everyone's blood, not just humans. Have you ever pulled a tick off of your pet? Hard isn't it? That's because the tick tries to bury itself in hair and sucks your blood until it can't anymore. At That point the tick tries to go and find its mate.if they are female it sucks to find energy to lay eggs. Same with male, though the male just needs energy to help in the process. They usually find each other because they are on the same animal.

The Tick and the Host

Primarily the tick will go for a deer, dog, or cat. but most often then not, a tick will choose a human over the animal or drop on top of you all the same. Not very picky.

It does not have any special adaptations for a specific host, but rather all hosts. A tick has barbed, needle-like teeth instead of actual teeth. Because of this, they can leech themselves onto anybody or thing. as well as that, they realize to hide in hair so as not to be found, and also to keep warm.


How to Remove a Tick from your Pet Dog or Cat | DrsFosterSmith.com
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Other Facts

-More closely related to spiders and scorpions than insects.

-Two types: Hard and soft

-200 species in United States

-ticks are attracted by body heat, odor, and carbon dioxide exhaust.

-Most common during April- September.

Why Ticks are Dangerous

Ticks are dangerous because if you have one, it is possible to get a disease such as Lymes disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Both can be lethal and if you think you have one you should immediately consult a doctor.