Tropical Rain Forest

Carson Read

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What is the climate of the Tropical Rain Forest?

The climate of the tropical rain forest is hot and humid! the reson that it is hot and humid is it"s rain fall amounts in a matter of even one day! the amount of rain in one day is higher compared to other biomes.
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Where is the Tropical Rain Forest located on a map?

The tropical Rain Forest is located right on the equater , that explains its tempters and rain fall.
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What are some concumers or animals is the Tropical Rain Forest?

There is a large verity amount of animal life in the tropical rain forest because of all the vedgetation there is because of the amount of rain fall some of the animals that live in theTropical Rain Forest are monkeys, anteaters and frogs. one thing that the animals or concumers have to adapt to is the humidness and heat. Sometimes it can effect how much they eat or drink
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What plants or proudercers are in the Tropical Rain Forest?

There are a large verity to the plants or prouderces in the Tropical Rain Forest, from the large butiful trees and all the vines and bushes to the colorfull flowers! One thing that the plants have to adapt to is the amount of rain fall which it rain alot and sometime over watering the plants could kill them.
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Food Chain

A artical on the Tropical Rain Forest

1.The issue is that we are cutting down the trees to replace it with homes but we dont relize that those trees adn plants are animals home and give us oxegen to breath.

2.We schould be concered because one we need air to breath and at the rate that we are tearing doiwn plants there will be very litttle plants left. Two we are killing animals homes.

3.the Inpact is both imadite and long term because we are killing animals now but again at this rate we will have homes for us as humans but all the animals will die beacuse the there will be know where for them to have a home

4.Its ourcurring mostly around the equatrer where the rainforest are.

the humans are the ones that are causeing this issue.

5.All animal populations that are in the tropical Rain Forest area.

6.In the future we need to stop cutting down trees in the rain forest and start bilding houses in the grassland where there is less populations.

How do Prouducers or plants adapt to the tropical rain forest?

One tree or plant in the tropical rain forest is the choclate tree and the way that it adapts to the tropical rain forest is by converting the water in to energy to help proudece cocholate. Another plant that has to adapt to the tropical rain forest is the drip tip it adapts by pointing toword the ground so thay the water droplets can clean and wash the leave off so that fungi stops to grow on it. One more plant that has to adapt epithyets and vines he way that they adapt is by digging there roots in the ground and are good at sucking the nutreints out of the ground to help them grow.
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How do consumers or animals adapt to the Tropical Rain forest?

One animal that has to adapt to the Tropical rain forest is a ant-eater. The way that a ant-eater adapts is by having good hearing so that when its raining they can hear the ants crawling because that is how they find the ants.Anoher animal that has to adapt by being fast to cath its food is the leopard.One more animal that adapts by being small so can not be found is the ant it has to be samall so that it acn not be found by a ant-eater.
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