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September 21, 2015

Tisch's Tidbits

Dear Parents,

Fall is here! The leaves are blowing and the weather during recess has been beautiful! This week we are working on the elements of plot such as foreshadowing, twist plots, and dream sequencing. We are also working through the elements of speech having already focused on nouns. This week we are learning about the 6 different types of pronouns. In writing, we are continuing our study of personal narratives and how we can take experiences we would love to make into stories and doing writing them! We are finishing up our novel The Hundred Dresses where we learned how to write constructed responses along with inferences. This group is amazing, and they each have such incredible insight!


The district wide Jog-A-Thon is September 30 with a rain day being the very next day. All kiddos will need to wear their tennis shoes for our afternoon run starting around 1:20. The Kona trunk will be making an appearance as a special treat afterwards! Please help your child to get pledges for this event. It's the only one for the year. :) All proceeds come back to the Union PTO to help fund classroom experiences and materials. Thank you for all that you do!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences will take place during October. Be on the lookout for a sign up this week!


I am off to Fishers this Thursday and next Tuesday for professional development!! Please know I will have a sub on these days.


Next week, the kiddos will have a spelling list. This week we are learning different types of sorts and activities the kids can do for homework and word work in class. While we are all practicing the same list this week so that we can focus on the activities, next week each child will have a list at his/her ability level based off of a beginning of the year assessment. The homework will come home on Monday and will be due on Friday with tests being the same day.

Field Trip

All permission slips and payment have been turned in. Thank you!!! Here is the list of parents I have who expressed interest to attend the field trip.

Michelle Willis

Tess Woodfork

Krystal Brooks

Michelle Franciskovich

Martha Conlee

Jacqueline Fish

Andrea Sheehe

Lynn or Kurt Strueh

Dawn Kouns

Hanamel Almodovar

Sharon Rexing

Sarah Gordon-Odle

Please confirm your RSVP for this exciting adventure!

Have a great week. :)

Your partner in education,



September 23 Permission slips are due

September 30 Jog-A-Thon

October 1 Rain Day for Jog-A-Thon

October 2-Field Trip to Feast of the Hunter's Moon

October 30-Guest Speaker!

Social Thinking Words for the Week

Blurting: We blurt when we interrupt or speak out of turn. We also blurt when the expected behavior for the activity or location is no talking.

Example at School: The teacher is reading a bug story to the class and the student says, “Spiders have eight legs!” The teacher says, “You are blurting. You need to keep that thought in your brain and raise your hand if you want to share.”

Example at Home: Parent is speaking to another adult and the child interrupts by asking, “What’s for dinner?” The parent says, “You interrupted my conversation with another adult-that’s blurting. You need to keep that thought in your brain until we are finished talking.”