Mrs. Santiago-Lugo

English Class


Welcome to Colonial High School Freshman Campus! We are happy to have you here and ready to start a wonderful school year. My name is Mrs. Santiago-Lugo and I will be teaching English 1 this year. I love to do research on controversial and interesting topics, reading short stories and novels with interesting plot and characters. I hope that you will find a genuine appreciation for using English class as a tool to explore the world. My goal is to get you prepared for the rest of your high school career and for career and college readiness. We will be using digital devices as a tool for learning as it opens us up to an innovative way of thinking. Let's make this a great year and learn from each other.

Colonial High School's Mission

The mission of Colonial High School is to educate and inspire all student to become caring, productive, responsible citizens who meet the challenges of a changing world.

Digital Vision

Colonial High School

Students will have daily opportunities to engage in digital learning to autonomously expand their knowledge through multiple sources.

  • Students will be able to evaluate and analyze the credibility and usefulness of digital sources allowing students to become critical consumers of digital information.
  • Students will gain an increased awareness through responsible interaction with the global community creating opportunities for students to work as collaborative citizens.

English Department

  • Students will be able to utilize multiple resources in order to evaluate and analyze claims and find valuable information to support their claims.
  • Students will understand their role as a digital citizen and be able to make responsible decisions related to online interactions and collaborations. Students will take initiative to locate and use resources that benefit them and become successful collaborators in a digital world.
  • Students will understand the rules and procedures of technology and what is acceptable or unacceptable online. Students will comprehend what is safe to access and what websites are credible.

Curriculum and Content

First Nine Weeks

Theme and Character Development

Text Structure/Point of View

Central Idea

Author's Purpose

Second Nine Weeks

Development of Theme or Central Idea

Analyze Various Accounts of a Subject in Different Mediums

Delineate Specific Claims

Analyze Seminal Documents

Third Nine Weeks

Text Structure

Word Meaning and tone

Inferences and Central Idea

Analyze Use of Source Material

Analyze Theme

Fourth Nine Weeks

Analyze a Series of Ideas

Impact of Word Choice

Analyze Representations in Two Different Mediums

Transformation of Source Material

Author's Choices

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Rules and Procedures

In this classroom, you are expected to:

  • To be on time and sitting quietly in your seat when the bell rings and start bell work;

  • Work from bell to bell. When you enter the classroom, look to the board for any assignments, and begin working. You will have three to five minutes from the time class begins to complete the day’s bell-work assignment. When class begins you should be seated. Class is over when students are dismissed by the teacher, not before.

  • End of the Period: The bell does NOT dismiss you, the teacher does. No one will be dismissed until the classroom has been thoroughly cleaned and all materials are in their place.

  • Restroom: You will have 4 emergency passes per 9 weeks. Do not disrupt during teacher instruction unless there is an emergency.

  • To follow all directions given by the teacher or included on an assignment;

  • To meet all deadlines (Assignments are due at the beginning of each class on the due date);
  • To be academically honest (plagiarizing and cheating will NOT be tolerated);
  • To respect other students and the teacher by being attentive when others are speaking, raising your hand to speak, and not being disruptive;
  • To be courteous to others by leaving their things alone;


    1) Keep, hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    2) Follow directions the first time asked.

    3) Remain in your assigned seat.

    4) RESPECT the teacher, other students, staff and school property at ALL TIMES!

    5) Cellphones, ipods and headphones are not allowed during class time. The teacher will take 5 points away of your grade every time you are told to put your cellphone/ headphones/ipod away. If you refuse to put your cellphone/headphones/ipod away it will be confiscated and parents will be contacted. Also, a referral will be written and you will be escorted out of the classroom with an administrator. (Remember, referrals affect you).

    6) Eating is not allowed in the classroom unless you have a medical condition certified by a doctor.

    7) Follow ALL school rules as described in the OCPS code of conduct.

Digital Rules and Procedures

    1) Have your laptop always charged

    2)Stay on task at all times.

    3) Remain with your laptop at all times; don't let others touch or use your laptop.

    4) Never share your log on information. It is private.

    5) Log into launchpad.

    6) Log into Google Classroom and complete assigned bellwork.

    7) Await for teacher's instructions.

    8) Save all your work and attach it to Google Classroom.

    9) Log off of all assignments.

    Consequences for failing to meet classroom expectations are:

    • 1st Offense: Verbal Warning

    • 2nd Offense: Student/Teacher conference

    • 3rd Offense: Parent contact

    • 4th Offense: Referral

Required Items

  • Student laptop (charged)
  • Pencil or pens
  • Notebook (one subject, college rule)


Participation is the key to success. An active participant shares his or her ideas with the class, completes assignments on time, participates while working in groups, and contributes to the class as a whole.Come to class prepared to learn. Students must bring required materials to class daily. These materials are essential to class participation and learning. If you fail to come to class prepared, you will lose points and may be subject to disciplinary action. (i.e. phone call home, detention, or administrative referral)

Each nine weeks, your grade will be calculated using the following percentages:

  • Classwork: 50%

  • Tests: 20%

  • Homework: 10%

  • Projects: 20%


Total: 100%


Plagiarism is the intentional or unintentional act of claiming another individual or entity’s written work as your own. With easy access to the Internet, the temptation to plagiarize, or claim someone else’s essay or report as your own, is higher than it has ever been. Though it is much easier to plagiarize an essay that it is to actually write one, cheating is an unlawful and unethical practice that will ruin your reputation and inhibit your ability to learn.

Whenever you use a quote, statistic, fact, or idea that you find in research without giving credit to the original writer, you are plagiarizing. A good rule of thumb is to quote no more than 20% of the material in any paper you submit to your teacher as your own. Whenever you quote or borrow an idea, statistic, or fact, you must cite the source in a parenthetical citation after you have used the quote, and you must also name your sources at the end of your work in the form of a Works Cited page.

Students found guilty of plagiarizing will be referred for discipline and all incidences will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of your instructor and the administration. As established in the code of student conduct, plagiarism may be considered a level two offense punishable with in school suspension.

Plagiarism consequences:

1st offense: one night to rewrite for full credit

2nd offense: one night to rewrite for half credit

3rd offense: no credit, no option to make up work.


Homework is an extension of what was learned in class. It is used to reinforce what was learned that day. Homework is to be completed before the next class meeting.

Late work:

If work is turned in late 50% will be taken off from that assignment automatically. Also, if you have missing assignments or do not complete homework you will have lunch detention. During this lunch detention you WILL make up that missing work.


Please keep absences to a minimum. Being absent can affect your grade and WILL affect the quality of learning that you deserve. After 5 absences parents will be contacted. If the student has 11 absences or more he/she must pass the final exam in order to get class credit.

*All of the above information is subject to change, as necessary, at the discretion of your instructor.

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