Deliberate Action Toward Awesomness

Sept. 2, 2015

Response To Intervention "Where are we now?"

  • Kindergarten - 17%
  • 1st grade - 27%
  • 2nd grade - 28%
  • 3rd grade - 20%
  • 4th grade - 23%
  • 5th grade - 24%
  • 23% Campus Wide

Is this ok?

Can we work smarter not harder to decrease the percentages?

What would it look like?

Set grade level and classroom goals.

How will you know if you are making progress at the end of each six weeks?

Intervention & Enrichment

A few things to remember about this time...

  • You have an extra person with you
  • this is the time for tier 2 intervention
  • document students that are pulled to table
  • all of this happens in the classroom, please do not send a person out of the room with a group
  • any student that is not on grade level based on DRA2, Star Literacy, STAAR testing, etc. must be receiving Tier 2 intervention in the classroom 4 days a week from the classroom teacher
  • you have the data on each kid unless new to Rann, begin your interventions based on this
  • spiral down to see where the first foundational deficit is and this is where we begin the attack skills for struggling students
  • you are the professional and should be serving your tier 2 students instead of the para that is in your room
  • data must be kept weekly to progress monitor student learning
  • enrichment time does not consist of worksheets
  • enrichment needs to be independent with thinking required
  • stay true to the reading and math time allotments set up for the I/E time
  • vary the enrichment time activities
  • planning for I/E time is required for it to be beneficial
  • I/E time could be the most powerful punch of the day we give our kids if used appropriately
  • converstations will be had based on the I/E time you are giving your students daily

Guided Reading Time & DRA2 Stuff

  • All guided reading groups must be officially underway by October 1
  • Refer to your Guided Reading Jan Richardson book for all questions, we have to be systemic with this program to see the biggest gains
  • Come see admin if you still have questions after referencing book
  • I have added the link to Jan Richardson's website, type in The First 20 Days in the search link and it will pull up her lessons to begin the guided reading workshop.
  • Missy will begin October 8 and be here the following Thursdays till everyone has had her, more details to come
  • Need all classroom goals and student goals (those not on grade level) by September 18
  • 1st grade the students with Debbie Shaw do not have to get I/E reading time from you, this is their tier 2 with Debbie
  • Still having quite a bit of differences on DRA2 reading levels from grade level to grade level
  • A student is at the DRA2 level in which they can read and comprehend at. Word calling does not determine the level they are at.
  • See Kim Cooper for DRA2 questions and completion of folders, here again it is for the benefit of the students that these are done with fidelity
  • Word analysis must be done for all students that fall into this category regardless of grade level
  • Summaries are not one sentence.

Fine tune for no hurdles down the road...

I know most of us are doing the things mentioned above, but it is always good to have a checklist to compare ourself to. Let us know if you need help. We are on the right track to making big differences with our students. Just watch and see, amazing things are yet to come:)