The Battle of Saratoga

The battle that changed the Revolutionary War


In this war, America regained its strength against a greedy British. It was the turning point in the Revolutionary War. The colonists had to battle and stop many British and Hessian troops commanded by John Burgoyne. It would be the biggest battle in the Revolutionary War.

“…one of the Greatest battles that Ever was fought in Amarrca…” -Major Henry Dearborn

The Start

The British had just captured Fort Ticonderoga without even breaking a sweat. The Americans began to worry that the British were too powerful to be beaten. However, due to overconfidence, the British troops and Burgoyne moved at a slow pace, allowing the Americans to get ready. Next, the British would target Bemis Heights.

Weakening the Redcoats

With a tough situation ahead of them, General Washington decided to send a prestigious commander, Benedict Arnold. With the experience of combat, Arnold was able to plan a sharpshooter attack. These sharpshooters stopped the British 10 miles from Saratoga. The British lost 2 men for every American sharpshooter. These losses had taken away any chance that the British had at a victory.

This small battle was known as "The Battle of Freeman's Farm" and played

The End

With plenty of time to prepare for the British attack, Gates' army was able to force a surrender when the American troops ambushed the British army again. This was the last thing that the British expected. Many great people put effort into the strategy and completion that would cause the victory. Benedict Arnold would use his resources to supply reinforcement troops to overwhelm the British. With the right knowledge of the British army and an experienced General, the Patriots would be victorious.

Influential People of Saratoga