Democratic Republic of theCongo

Culture of Congo


Casual dating occurs only among the rich that live in large urban areas, which leads to marriage. Their diet consist of cassava, rice, potatoes, bananas, yams, beans, corn, fish, peanuts, and various fruits. The most popular sport in Congo is soccer. Congo's celebrates: New Year's Day, Commemoration of the Martyrs of Independence (January 4th), Easter, Labor Day ( May 1st) Independence Day (June 30th), Parents' Day (August 1st), Veterans Day (November 17th, and Christmas.


The president of Congo is also Congo's chief of state and head of government. His name is President Joesph Kabila.


In urban areas, men and women generally just shake hands and smile to say hello or hey. Pointing at people with your index finger is very rude. Congolese eat light breakfast. Meals are usually only eaten with fingers of the right hand.