cuneiform mesopotamia

by sienna hogan

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driving question

what Mesopotamian legacy has helped us the most?- its by helping us communicate and write and speak it helped us so we can talk to each other instead of pictures it helped us sound out words cuneiform was the first way Mesopotamians could write they first were just drawings and pictures and writing lines but then it turned into cuneiform.

legacy, what is it

its a type of writing called cuneiform that people in mesopotamia used a long long time ago to communicate it began with pictures and signs and now its letters and words.



how is it important to the mesopotamians

it was important because they used it for writing and communicating Mesopotamians made over 700 symbols to communicate with each other

how has it changed through time

we changed the letters into how we understand it, we changed the way it sounds, the way It looks, and made in to English and a bunch of other languages