Need a Chat Room??

Stinto Generates Disposable Chat Rooms

Stinto is a free web-based chat application, specializing in disposable chat rooms. There is no registration required, upon visiting the site you simply click "New Chat" to generate a random URL and set basic settings like the name of the chat room and how long it can remain empty before it auto-deletes. Email or instant message the URL of the chat room to your friends to get started.

Try Stinto

Click here to try Stinto and get your Chat on!

Step 1

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Once you are on the site, you can click on the Create Chat Button.

Step 2

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You will see a link that has been created. This is the link that you will share with your participants. You can click the Blue button to enter your chat.

Step 3

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You will be asked your name and then click the blue Join button.

Step 4

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The participants name will show up on the right. You can enter information to be seen in the dialogue box at the bottom. You have tools and the Red "X" button to end the chat.

Step 5

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Your message will be seen by all once you click the send button.