4th Grade News

Fourth Grade Team

Team Leader - Jeanne Hayes jeanne.hayes@pisd.edu

Vanessa Burke vanessa.burke@pisd.edu

Teresa Horton teresa.horton@pisd.edu

Jana Martin jana.martin@pisd.edu

Leisa Rickle leisa.rickle@pisd.edu

The Parent Resources Tab has been updated.

New user guides have been updated by the district so if you had trouble accessing programs online before please use the new information given and try again. Think Through Math is a very important tool for your child's success. Your child will be given some homework each week to do in Think Through Math. Think Through Math practice increases the chance of STAAR success in math and your child's readiness for 5th grade. Please have your child login to Think Through Math each week to practice their skills.

"Ima and the Great Texas Ostrich Race" Vocabulary

1. anticipation- feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen

2. enormous- very large in size

3. encouraged- gave support or hope

4. slender- thin

5. released- set free

6. glanced- looked quickly at an object

Upcoming Events

"Healthy Friends Month"


  • Spelling Test
  • Persuasive Writing Paper Due
  • Fruity Friday - bring a fruit or vegetable snack (fruit roll-ups or chews will not be considered in the count for each class contest)

A way to send your love would be...

Our school supplies are running low so we would greatly appreciate any donations of the following:

  • pencils
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer

Thank you so much from the 4th grade team!

Parent Resources

Big Brainz - math fact fluency for all operations


Think Through Math



ConnectEd - Reading book, allows access to the stories read in class each week


pearson.pisd.edu - Used for both math & social studies assignments

**Periodically check Pearson for Social Studies/Math updates and assignments.


plano.discoveryeducation.com - Science Tech Book