Egyptian Times

by Sophie and Andrea

♛Hatshepsut- A God?♛

☪New Form Of School☪


A new form of writting has come over the nation. It's called hieroglyphs. It is tiny pictures that symbol letters. It's a form of "writing". The boys are learning it at school. Your children might describe the scribes to be mean and destructive. But our scribes are perparying them for the best in life. Girls are not aloud.

❆Reactions To Hatshepsut❆

Asim (15) Farmer (Male):

Hatshepsut is a woman she cannot be pharaoh! I should be pharaoh! Pharaoh Asim!

Pharaoh Asim! Pharaoh Asim!

Keket (12) No Job (Female):

I think that it is a good idea to have a female pharaoh! Us females don't have enough rights! We can be gods too! It's not fair! Girl Power! ♡

Sethos (36) Architect (Male):

I believe it doesn't matter between male and female. We should all just be equal.


Hello my name is Ziyad. I am located in Clysma, Egypt. Our slaves are strong and can help you with any job you would like from farming to architecture. They can cook clean and can watch your children. It is the perfect slave! If you are interested in having a slave, please come to the slave auction it Clysma, Egypt. Thanks.
۞New Statue Built for Hatshepsut۞

In this statue you may see that Hatshepsut is wearing a beard. Yes she is in fact if you want to know more about this go to the main article.

♡Hatshepsut♡ (Main Article)

Hatshepsut is claiming to be pharaoh after she told the nobles that her father told her she can be pharaoh. She is starting to wear beards to say that she can be man which she is not. Many of the Egyptions are angry with this. There is no way that we can tell if he actually told her that. Hatshepsut was caught cheating on her husband, Thutmose II. After she was caught cheating Thutmose died. No one knows how he died but there are a few rumors. Hatshepsut said that she would assist her step-son, Tutankhamun but he is only little so she rose to the throne. This is not right. Tutankhamun should be pharaoh and not Hatshepsut. Hopefully when Tutankhamun is older he can rise to the throne and take leadership away from Hatshepsut who doesn't deserve all this royalness.


Yesterday a builder named Zaliki, found gold while he was digging for a space to put a new statue when he came across seventeen pieces of gold! It is undecided what he is going to do with the gold. It is most likely going to be just his.


The weather today is going to stay cloudy. There is also a chance of sun. Also a small chance of rain towards the west of Egypt.

☆ Farming Job Available! ☆

If you are interested in becoming a farmer at, West Egypt Farms you should start practicing your skills now. At WEF we only accept the best of the best to farm with us. Show your skills on Friday. Hope to see you soon.

♢ Wife Auction ♢

If you would like to have a wife to do the house work for you come to Pyramid Square on Wednesday! Hope to see you soon.


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