Jill Burmester

Middle School Instructional Collaborator

Serving students by supporting teachers!

Hampton-Dumont’s TLC team will empower classroom teachers to enhance their professional practice. In the end, this means helping every child in the classroom reach their full potential.

Helping students to meet their full potential and believe in themselves is my true passion. I am excited to help assist you in many ways this year!

How can I support you?

  • Provide resources to support you in content areas
  • Collaborate on-line or in person to plan a unit, collect resources or read about a new concept you would like to try
  • Co-plan and/or co-teach with you in your classroom
  • Model the use of a strategy or tech tool in your classroom with your students
  • Collect and analyze YOUR students' data and determine next steps in their learning and your teaching

Other Areas of Support

Content Knowledge
  • Gradual Release of Responsibility
  • Iowa Core Standards & Assessment/Grading
  • Using the CC Pensieve for Reading, Math, Writing
  • MTSS
  • Number Talk
  • Math Talk

Classroom Instruction

  • Strategies
  • Procedures
  • Workshop Model (Small groups)/Daily 5
  • Differentiation
  • Integrating Technology
  • Guided Reading
  • Conferring in the Reader's Workshop

A little about me...

I graduated from Iowa State University in the spring of 2003. I began teaching 4th grade in the fall of 2003. I have my reading & health endorsements. Throughout my career I have taken several classes to enhance my teaching: poverty training, co-teaching, Daily 5/CAFE.