Warriors Long Shadows

By: Madyson Majewski Book Author: Erin Hunter


Where does this book place in the forest also in dreams. Its present day and the season, is green leaf , leaf fall , and leaf bare. All these clans have different names for these seasons so green leaf is summer , leaf fall is Fall , than leaf bare is winter.

The Main Characters

The main character is Jaypaw which turns to JayFeather. He is grayish white with blue eyes but he was born blind ; also he has powers that no other cat has. He can sneak or go in other cats dreams. The other main character is LionBlaze. He has a ginger coat that looks like fire almost and has orange eyes. He also has a power like his brother JayPaw, but his power is that he cant get injured in a battle. Then HollyLeaf, another main character, has a black coat and green eyes , but she doesn't know if she has a power like her brothers Jaypaw and LionBlaze.

The Main Conflict ( Internal or External)

I think this book is external because it is mostly about cats vs nature, even in some of Jaypaw/ JayFeather's dreams!!

The Rising Action!!!!

Well, there is a lot for the rising action, but here are some of them I found. They have a little fight with ShadowClan for crossing the border because of this cat named Sol. Sol is a cat that has a ginger , blackish pelt, and he mostly takes over ShadowClan with his power. When StarClan warriors ask Jaypaw/ JayFeather to help recover ShadowClan again. Then Jaypaw went to ask HollyLeaf and LionBlaze to help fake a sign. Then they needed to find TigerPaw, FlamePaw , and DawnPaw. to help them where to do the fake sign. Later it became a real sign from StarClan. Later green cough, a really bad cough that can affect the whole body, affected the ThunderClan camp. They have to find catmint, the only way to cure it, or they might die.


I think the climax in this book occurs when the camp starts on fire after lighting hits a tree by the ThunderClan camp. SquirlFlight , Holyleaf , Jayfeather , and LionBlaze get trapped in a ring of fire at the camp.

How these Characters are brought to life

When Jayfeather goes in Ashfur's dream to stop him, it tells his power more of what he can do, and its special because no other cat can do that. Also, when the great battle starts, Lionblaze became more powerful. It tells the reader that Lionblaze is afraid of using his power. Hollyleaf's promise to the warrior code tells her who she is.


I think the theme in this book is stick together and help each other because all of them fought for each other, and when a cat was injured they would try to protect them. Also, when green cough infected the camp, everyone tried to help. Even in the bad fire everyone had to help everyone get out.


In this example of dialogue, the characters Lionblaze and Hollyleaf are talking. "You wont lose your fighting skills , HollyLeaf mewed. Don't you see? that's the special power the prophecy gave you, to fight better then any other warrior in the clans. You don't understand, Lionblaze muttered. This part is important because it's telling the reader that he cant control his powers. Another part of dialogue, characters PoppyFrost and JayFeather. Oh , no, PoppyFrost halted abruptly. What's the matter?, Jayfeather said. The catmint, Jayfeather, its all gone! PoppyFrost yelled. Gone? It cant be! JayFeather wailed. This dialogue is important because when green cough affects mostly every cat, all the catmint, the herb that can heal the cats that are sick, are squashed in the great battle in ThunderClan territory.

Figurative, Sensory, and Descriptive Language!!!

In the book Warriors Long Shadows, there are many examples of figurative language. One example is at the part where Midnight the badger comes to the pool to speak to the first leaders on earth to talk about ShadowClan falling apart from Sol. The author writes, "I have come, Midnight announced. A black she-cat emerged from behind an outcrop rocks to speak. This is figurative language because it starts from the first leaders and its a clue that StarClan is going to do something, but needs help from another cat living. I chose this example because I think its the best clue the author can give.