CASH Fifth Grade

"Little House on the Playground"

Reminder about Christmas Gifts for Less Fortunate Students

If you feel you can help purchase a Christmas gift for one of the kindergarten students at a Title I school, please send items in by this Friday or the following Monday. (Don't feel like you have to wrap the gift. We can do this in the classroom!)

I apologize. I meant to send a reminder on Friday. However, as your students may have shared with you, I took a tumble Friday afternoon. I fractured an ankle and hand. I wanted to share that with you because each one of your children were just precious in their concern for me! I am thankful for each one of them - they are sweet children.

Continue to Practice Multiplication

I see a big improvement in the students' automaticity with multiplication. Please continue to work with your student. Some of the students still need to practice some facts and working at home makes a difference in their ability to work quickly and accurately. We will continue to have timed drills to aid in their memorization of the facts and to build speed.

Time and Time Again

Also, several of the students need help learning how to read an analog clock. This is not unusual. This generation is more accustomed to digital clocks. Ask your child to tell you the time once or twice a day. If they answer correctly, then ask them what time it will be in 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or an hour. Telling time and being able to subtract and add time is like multiplication; it is a life skill each one of them will need.

Thank you for your support!