book report

Monica Harvey Hinkle

Well Witched Author : Frances Hardinge

Theme-the theme of well witched is dont take something or steal or you will have to pay the price.

Setting-the setting of well witched is mostly outside in nature and out in the open.The time is in the present time in the book.

Conflict - the conflict in well witched is paying the consequences of your actions.

Exposition-There are three kids they steal from a well and something weird and bad happens.

Rising Action-Is weird things start happening.

Climax-The kids have to give the people who put money in the well there wish that they had wished.

Falling Action-Is the kids think of a way to grant the people there wishes.

Resolution-The kids are able to grant the people there wish they had wished for.

Ryan-Ryan is a very smart kid and passes all his classes in school.Ryan is an Protagonist.

Josh -Josh is the one who went down the well and stole the money but he was going to pay the money back by putting more money in the well later.So Josh is an Protagonist.

Chelle- Chelle is the girl that liked to be bossy sometimes but was not trying to be bossy to them.So Chelle is an Protagonist.

I liked this book because it is like a mystery-fiction type book.I would recommend everyone to read this book.After reading one page you just want to keep reading on and on and on.There was this one part where i didn't understand it so i kept reading on and understood it eventually.This book has three main characters there names are Ryan,Josh and Chelle short for Michelle.Josh went down a well and stole money from it and Ryan and Chelle were waiting for him to come back up because they were holding the rope.Then a few days later wierd stuff started to happen like miniature eyeballs growing on hands,and people being able to read minds.