Emerging Disease

Signs & Symptoms

Phase one:

Sudden onset - fever - chills - headache - myalgia

Phase two:

•Maculopapular rash: trunk rash, nausea

•Vomiting, chest pain, sore throat, abdominal pain, diarrhea, jaundice, and pancreas inflammation

•Sever weight loss, delirium, shock, liver failure, massive hemorrhaging, multi-organ dysfunction

How Marburg is Spread

• People who have handled infected monkeys and have come in direct contact with their fluids

• Close contact between humans (often in hospitals)

• Droplets of body fluids, or direct contact with people, equipment, or other things contaminated with infected blood


• Follow infection - control procedures (people who work with it)

• Don't handle remains

• Avoid contact with infected people

• Avoid bush meat (in developing countries, wild animals including non human primates are sold in local markets)

• Wash hands frequently

• Avoid traveling to areas of known outbreaks


• Hospital treatment (getting fluids, maintaining adequate blood pressure, replacing blood loss)

• No antiviral medications have proved effective

Type of pathogen causing the disease

• Marburg virus (MARV)

• Ravn virus (RAVV)

Where & When the pathogen was identified

Outbreaks in laboratories in 1967 started occurring in Marburg and Frankfurt Germany also in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now known as Serbia)

Interesting Information

1. The first known species to have the Marburg virus is monkeys (African green)

2. In march of 2004 in a children's ward in Angola 300 people died from Marburg

3. Indigenous to Africa

4. The fatality rat of Marburg is between 23-25%

5. (As we know) There is a book called "The Hot Zone" which is about the Marburg virus

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