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WPE Community Newsletter - Week of December 13

Message from the Principal

Season Greetings,

We are excited to be closing up the semester with cheer and joy and family events. Please join us for the 5th grade music performance followed by Literacy Night "Bookmas" theme. The Bookfair is opening this week and we will have it open on literacy night. We will have lots of fun and engaging events throughout the school and certain rooms will have opportunities for parents to get resources for helping your child at home in reading and math. Holiday parties will be open to parents with information below. Please limit guests to two people. We will have masks for those that would like to wear them but please keep in mind that masks are not required in public schools.

Wendy Anaya

Whispering Pines Elementary



Dec 6-17- Book Fair (see flyer below)

Dec 14- 4th Grade Field Trips

Dec 16- 5th Grade Performance 5:30pm

Dec 16-Literacy Night 6:00-7:30pm (see flyer below)

Dec 17- Holiday Parties

Dec 17 - Early Release at 12:00 (lunch will be a grab and go from the cafeteria)

Dec 20-Dec 31- Winter Break

Jan 3- Student Holiday/Teacher workday

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December 17th

PreK-2nd Grade 10:00-10:45

3-5th Grade 11:00-11:45

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First Grade Fieldtrip to Houston Children's Museum

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Set up e-wallet here

We will only be accepting e-wallet & credit cards. Parents may set up an e-wallet account with this link for their child.


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The gym has a frame and a room. We are very excited with the progress!


We are welcoming parents to join us for the holiday parties this year. Please be on the look-out for emails from your teacher and please limit guests to two as we want to do our best to not crowd up.


While we try our best to meet with parents for situations that require immediate attention, we are not always available because we are supporting students as they learn and grow. Please contact your teacher directly to set up a conference or krose@humble.isd to schedule a meeting with administration.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your child to school by 7:45 if you would like them to eat breakfast! We are serving all children breakfast this year. If you want your child to eat at school please get them here by 7:45am so they have time to eat their breakfast before we start class at 8:00. We have many students coming right at 8:00 and then wanting to eat breakfast. We don't want them to miss instruction time.


We are very excited to be able to have a yearbook this year! It is going to be AWESOME. Please pre-order your book to get the pre-order price! PRE-ORDER HERE


We will be restocking the little library before the long winter break! We have books available in our little library for free please take what your child needs to be able to practice their reading so they can be our next generation of doctors, lawyers, scientists, business owners, WORLD LEADERS. Just refilled with some AWESOME BOOKS check it out📘📙📙📙📘


Our children all love the Panda Mart! Panda Bucks are like gold and they earn them through great behavior and great work and showing Panda Pride. However we could use your help. We can't pay for these items through Title 1 funds so we rely on our teachers and families to make donations. Please check out the link to the Amazon Wish List for items you can donate to the Panda Mart. COME ON....HELP A PANDA OUT!

Spirit Shirts (click here)

We have these shirts on Campus, order now and shirt will be sent home with your child. We have some field trips coming up, these would be great to wear.

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3rd Graders had a great time making gingerbread houses

Counselor Corner: Self-Management for our WPE Students

Self-Management refers to an individual’s success in controlling his or her emotions and behaviors to complete a task or succeed in a new or challenging situation. Both children and adults need to learn how to control their emotions so that they can get the job done. Often, when talking about managing emotions, we focus on how to calm ourselves down when we are angry, upset or scared.

These are important skills, but we also need to be able to energize ourselves when we are tired, bored, or just don’t feel like working hard. Sometimes we need to calm ourselves down and focus; other times we need to “psych ourselves up” to get the energy to tackle our schoolwork, our chores, or our jobs. Being able to psych ourselves up so that we can get to work is a life-long skill that helps us be successful.

One key to psyching yourself up is to get up and get moving! Increased activity gets your heart pumping and can give you a boost of energy. For young children, have them spend five minutes pretending to be an active animal--jump like a kangaroo, stomp around like a dinosaur, or prance like a pony. Do these a few times throughout the day to keep them energized!

Elain Dabney

WPE School Counselor


Thursday mornings 9:00 am

Pop into a typical elementary classroom, and everything looks so neat and inviting. There’s almost always a rug to sit on, a bunch of books, little chairs near kid-level tables for drawing, cozy nooks full of hands-on manipulatives, and special activities. It all looks so…well…effortless.

But check with your child's teacher sometime, and you’ll soon discover that it’s anything but! Behind the scenes, most elementary teachers usually spend at least one hour, and sometimes two or three, preparing for every hour of classroom instruction. Those cute mittens with the shoelace sewing strings? Every one of them must be cut out and sorted ahead of time. Which is why, if you’re a elementary parent, many teachers will warmly invite you to volunteer—as much as you can.

We will start a co-op where parents can come and meet together and work on crafts for classrooms. We will provide all the materials and instructions. You can visit with other parents and get to know each other all while helping out the school.

Please RSVP to so that we can have badges ready to go. Also make sure that you have registered with Humble ISD at the following link so that you might be able to chaperone field trips and work school parties as well.


Humble ISD’s proposed 2022-2023 calendar closely resembles this year's calendar to support consistency for students, parents and staff. The calendar was developed based upon prior parent and staff survey data that showed a majority prefer weeklong breaks in October and February in addition to Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks. The proposed calendar is scheduled to be voted on by the Humble ISD Board of Trustees at the January 11, 2022, meeting.

Humble ISD parents and staff were emailed an invitation with a unique link to leave a comment about the proposed calendar. Comments are open Dec. 1. 2021 through Jan.1, 2022. All comments will be read and thoroughly considered. Proposed 2022-2023 calendar