Davis Elementary School

February 2020 Newsletter

From The Principal

Davis Community,

We are just past half-way through the school year! Your children have grown leaps and bounds to this point in the year. They are maturing and developing skills right before our eyes! Most importantly, they are enjoying their experience overall this year.

Now we shift our gaze to the second half of the year and accelerating the learning in our classrooms and learning environments. This can be a difficult time of the year to keep your children motivated and enthusiastic about coming to school. Cabin fever can set in as we are sometimes confined to the house as a result of the shorter days and tougher weather conditions. Bundle up with your children and have some fun outside as a family! You will be amazed at how good this will be for both you and your children.

Please continue to reach out to your child's teachers to check on progress, work, and how you are able to support your child's learning at home. Before you know it, we will be planning field day in the sunshine and warm weather!

Kindest Regards,

Andrew J. Doster


Centennial School District

215.441.6000 x15001

From The Nurse

February is American Heart Health Month and Dental Health Month!

Heart Health Tips

  1. Atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque in the arteries, begins in childhood. It is important for children and adolescents to adopt a heart-healthy diet to help prevent the development of heart disease later in life. Children should eat foods that are low in saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol. These foods include:Fruits and vegetables; Whole grains; Low-fat and nonfat dairy products; Beans, fish, and lean meats.

  2. The more activity kids get, especially of the “breathless” variety, the stronger their hearts will become. American Heart Association recommends at least 1 hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day.

  3. Limit the amount of sugary drinks.

Dental Health Tips for Kids

  1. Brush teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.

  2. Drink tap water that contains fluoride.

  3. Ask your child’s dentist to apply dental sealants when appropriate.

  4. If your child is younger than 6, watch them brush. Make sure they use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and always spit it out rather than swallow.

  5. Help your child brush until they have good brushing skills.

  6. Limit sugary drinks.

***Reminder letters were sent home in January for Dental exam forms of students who do not have a dental exam in their school health record.

  • If you receive a reminder letter, please have your child’s dentist complete the form from their most recent examination, or send in a note to the school nurse stating the date of their last dental visit.

  • Dental examinations are mandated by the state of Pennsylvania upon entry into school and again in Third grade, Seventh grade and Eleventh grade.

  • The forms are available to print out on the school district website under the nurse’s tab, or please feel free to call the nurse’s office and I will send a form home with your child.

***Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Two final reminders, which are always important throughout the year

  • Continue to check your child’s head weekly for signs of head lice and contact the school nurse for any questions or concerns. Helpful information is also available on our school’s website under Nursing Services.

  • Lastly, please continue to emphasize good hand washing habits with your children to help prevent the spread of germs and promote wellness.

Thank you and have a safe and happy Winter!

Valerie Breiner, RN, BSN, M.Ed.
Certified School Nurse
Sharon Beyer, RN, Staff Nurse
215-364-5970 ext. 15025

The Reading Corner

10 Fun and Creative Ways to Help Kids Love Reading

By Crystal Ponti

(Taken from https://www.mother.ly/child/ways-to-teach-kids-to-love-reading)

1. Go on destination read-a-thons- Think destination weddings, but for reading and much closer to home. Parks, grassy knolls, gardens, a quiet café corner, the local library... these all make ideal spots to sneak away for a few hours and read with your child. Bring along a favorite chapter book or a handful of quick reads and make it a destination read-a-thon. Your child will love the spontaneity and, in most cases, react positively to the newness of their surroundings.

2. Make your own books- If your child is hesitant to pick up a book on their own, fuel their creativity with make-your-own books. You don't have to get fancy. Fold a handful of paper in half and secure the edges with staples or glue. Use colorful construction paper to make a cover. Help them as they bring their story to life with crayons, markers and embellishments. When they're done, sit with them as they read their story to you.

3. Create storybook quilts -Reading material comes in different shapes and sizes and doesn't necessarily have to be paper (or screen). One unique idea comes directly from the Cranberry Quilt Guild of Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Members make quilts that correspond with children's stories. The guild lends the handcrafted books to libraries, schools and community centers. If you're crafty, you can make your own storybook quilt to share with your child.

4. Dress up for story time- Imagine your child's delight if you walked into their bedroom carrying Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone... dressed as the young wizard. Or Professor Dumbledore. Bring books to life by dressing the part. Your child will look forward to the next time a literary character surprises them with a book to read.

5. Start a parent + child book club- If you have time and are willing to host, start a parent-child book club with other families in your neighborhood or child's school. Turn club meetings into parties with reading-related games, food, and competitions. Or make them themed events – lunch at an apple orchard like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, for example. The more memorable meetings are, the more excited your child and others will be to do it again. Hand out reading journals and honor the most active reader at your next meeting.

6. Launch your own free library- Has the Little Free Library program found its way to your neighborhood or school? If not, consider building one with your child. Have them help you keep the library stocked with new children's titles and encourage others take a book, leave a book, and sign the guest book. Worldwide there are now more than 50,000 Little Free Libraries.

7. Write a letter to a favorite author- Does your child have a favorite author? Help them write a letter to their writing hero. Opt for pen and paper over a typed email to help them develop their writing skills. Find special stationery that ties in with one of the author's books to make it extra special.

8. Keep a writing record- Another successful approach to motivating your child is to use some sort of visible record of reading achievement. Consider a calendar where they list the names of the books they've read on a certain day. Or have them record what they've read on a chart or graph. They can learn math while developing an appreciation for reading. For significant milestones, reward them by visiting your local bookstore to purchase a new book.

9. Install a bookshelf with real books- At a time when technology trumps tradition, things that were once common have been replaced by things that are convenient. Paper novels have been substituted with ebooks and physical bookshelves have been traded for Kindle libraries. It's time to get back to basics. Nothing inspires a young reader more than having their own assortment of books. Not just on an eReader, but real print books they can hold, feel, and even smell. While eBooks are terrific for on the go and very much a modern-day convenience, children deserve the tactile, sensory experience that real books provide. Learning to respect books, while being able to peruse what's on the shelves and physically choose what they'd like to read, helps children develop an appreciation and lifelong love of reading.

10. Read!- This might not be a novel idea, but it's important. Be a reading role model. Always let your child see you read. Children like to follow in their parent's footsteps, at least while their young. Take advantage of this impressionable time.

The Counselor's Corner

The Splash Club Community Service Group is entering our fourth month of activities. We are looking forward to our Pennies for Patients Promotion which supports the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. Watch for information on how the entire Davis community will get behind this effort. Last year Davis families raised over $5000, which was one of the highest totals of any school in Bucks County! We are hoping to increase that number this year!

Kindergarten guidance lesson begin this month. There will be a total of 8 lessons. Mr. Immerman will visit each class once a week. Our focus will be on learning about feelings, listening, and sportsmanship

First grade guidance lessons just ended in mid-January. Ask your students about perseverance and I messages.

Second grade students began guidance lessons last month. They are held once a cycle in the classroom for 8 cycles. Some of the topics that will be covered are: communication skills, using an I message to express feelings, dealing with conflict and bullies and coping with stress.

Third grade students just completed their guidance lessons. The children practiced communication skills and identified the difference between giving passive, assertive and aggressive messages both through verbal and non-verbal communication.

Fourth grade lessons will begin in the third trimester.

Fifth grade guidance lessons were completed in mid January. The focus of these lessons was on the use of social media and possible problems you may encounter online. We discussed cliques, peer pressure, and making good decisions.

The month of February brings very exciting events during Red Ribbon Week! Each year schools across the country wear red ribbons, or bracelets, to show their support of turning away from drug use and living a healthy lifestyle. This year’s theme is “Send a Message. Stay Drug Free." Each day there are events scheduled to promote this theme. This year we will be celebrating during the week of February 10th.

MONDAY, February 10 - Sending the message that we are making healthy choices through exercise!

  • The students will wear running clothes and have the opportunity to participate in various athletic activities during recess.

  • Red Ribbon bracelets are distributed to all students and staff today.

  • During class meetings, the students will view an inspirational video that encourages making good choices.

  • Red Ribbon raffle—as a way to encourage kids to wear their bracelets all week, we will be calling a name daily. If the student is wearing their bracelet, they can come to the office for a prize.

TUESDAY, February 11 - Sending the message that we are teaming up to make good choices by wearing our favorite team’s jersey.

  • During class meetings, students will watch an inspirational video.

  • Red Ribbon raffle

WEDNESDAY, February 11 - Sending the message that we have exciting futures ahead by dressing for your dream career!

  • The students may choose to dress in the attire they would wear to their dream career.

  • Red Ribbon raffle

THURSDAY, February 12 -Sending the message that we are following our dreams and being drug free.

  • The students may wear their pajamas to school.

  • Red Ribbon raffle

FRIDAY, February 13 - Sending the message our hearts are into making healthy choices.

  • The students may wear red to school today.
  • Red Ribbon raffle

As always, we can help you with questions about your child’s growth and development, so please feel free to reach out.

Bob Immerman Grades K, 1, & 5

(215) 364-5970 x15031


Christi Ward Grades 2, 3, & 4

(215) 364-5970 x15030



Congratulations to the Davis musicians who were selected to participate in the Elementary Honors Band, Honors Orchestra and Honors Chorus! These students will perform during Centennials's Fine Arts Week Celebration in April.

Honors Band members are: Shaun D, Luke D, Declan F, Amelia M, Ryan L, Ashely D, Patrycja C, Samantha R, Robert S, Matthew L, Cassidy B, Anna J, Jordyn G, Rebekah Z, Vanessa S, Aiden E, David, W, Adriana V, Arthur G, Max R.

Honors Orchestra members are: Chase S, Julia M, Izzy C, Justin B, Madelyn D, Sammy K, Casey M, Kaitlyn M Makayla F, Rylee G, Easton B, Rian G.

Honors Chorus members are: Logan A, Easton B, Isabella C, Abagail C, Cacilie C, Ava C, Savannah D, Carly D, Aiden E, MAddy F, Zoe G, Rian G, Haven H, Michael H, Anna J, Kevin J, Sofia K, Matthew K, Emily L, Aubrey L, Carissa M, Juliana M, Amelia M, Erik M, Stephen P, Mia R, Karmella S, Miana S, Vanessa S,Eian S, Julia S, Madigan S, Savian T, Margot V, David W, Tianni Y, Anna Z, Rebekah Z.

We are very proud of these young musicians!

Digital Literacy

Please read and subscribe to the new Digital Literacy Newsletter:


Geography Bee

A special acknowledgement to all of the students who qualified and/or participated in the National Geographic Bee which was held at Davis on January 9. We are proud of Jack B, Cacile C, Phoenix C, Sofia K, Aiden E-K, Ryan L, DJ W, Nicholas P. We congratulate this year's winner, Dilan S and runner up, Cole D! A special thank you to our 4th and 5th grade teachers, for their efforts in coordinating the Geographic Bee.

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From The Cafeteria

The Food Service Department and Cafeteria welcome all to join us for breakfast and lunch daily. If your child has any specific needs or allergies, please make sure you contact Mrs. Nancy McElroy, Cafeteria Manager either at 215-441-6000 ext. 15045 or by email mcelna@centennialsd.org and she will be glad to work with you one on one. Negative balance notifications will go out 3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can also check your child’s account through the parent portal of Skyward. Online payments through Skyward are made through PayK12. The cafeteria also accepts cash or checks on site. If you would like to apply for free or reduced-price meals, please visit the CSD home page under the Nutritional Services Department link and go to “Free and Reduced Cost Meals” to apply at www.schoolcafe.com. If you need assistance with placing money on your child’s account or applying for free/reduced programs, please contact the Food Service Office at 215-441-6000 ext. 11023. Thank you for your cooperation.

Reminder - Absences

While coming to school each and every day is important, it is equally important to monitor our children’s health. If a child is sick, please keep him/her home. Our teachers will work with students who have fallen ill to make sure they do not fall behind in the classroom.

If your child is absent from school, you will be notified via a voice message that will come to the primary phone number listed in Skyward. In addition, an email will be sent to the first email address listed in Skyward. Please be sure that your phone number and email address is updated in Skyward. If an automated call is made, and you believe it to be in error, please call the main office of the school. Automated calls and emails may still occur even if you’ve contacted the school regarding the absence. Absence notes will still be required. You can send a written note in with your child on the day that he or she returns to school. You can also email the excuse note to DAAttendance@centennialsd.org . This email address is dedicated to receiving these notes. If you have any questions regarding this change, please call the main office at (215) 441-6000 x 15010

Late Arrivals/Early Dismissals

Just a reminder that when your child arrives late to school, an adult must accompany them into the building to sign them in.

If your child will be leaving early, please send a note to his teacher the day of the early dismissal.

Davis Dolphins

Each week names are drawn from our Davis Dolphins container as a way to recognize and celebrate our students for demonstrating trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.Congratulations to: Mika B, Erik S, Winnie L, Sasha G, Penelope S, Nolan R, Bryson C, Bryce C-W, Colin G, Jayden G, Lauren W, Louis M, Gabriel W, Rylee B, Nicholas D, TJ R, Ryan K, Nicoletta V, Jerome J, Bohdan K, Ace P, Andrew M, Julia Z, Daniel S, Parvina N, Owen S, Bryce C-W, Micah M, Rhys F, Madison M Bryce P, Sophia M, Kevin C, Brielle F, Jayla O, Kailyn D, Marcello A, Lucabella F, Phoenix C, Alexa T, Alana B, Ashley D, Grace B, Luke V, Rylee M, Jonathan C, Owen R, Ryan B, Layla M-B, Abby K, Elias G, Eldad R, Jainy J, Nathan S, Kenny J, Chase P, Elena B, Keegan B, Evan C, Sadie S, Jacob H, Charlie P, Remi P, Ariel C, Ivana E, Isaac B, Patrick F, Madden F, Jailen L-A, Raymond B, Kerilyn H, Giuliana N, Maksim P, Julian S, Luke C, Emerson D, Colin F, Oktober C, Dominic M, Heath M, Xavier K, Brayden Z, Brooklyn M, Peyton G, Maren J, Rian G, Zoe G, Max F, John C, Larry W, Maddy D. Great job boys and girls!

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Wednesday Express

Each Wednesday, your child’s teacher will send home the Wednesday Express envelope. Please take a moment to remove, read, review the contents, and return the envelope to school the next day. Your signature on the outside of the envelope lets us know that you received it. We also recommend that everyone continue to check the eFolder on a regular basis.

Help Davis Every Time You Shop At Amazonsmile.

By selecting Centennial Education Foundation as your charity when shopping at Amazonsmile 0.5% of eligible purchases go to the Centennial Education Foundation. Centennial Education Foundation (CEF) provides enriching educational opportunities, programs, and projects to expand and enhance the basic, well-rounded education offered by the district.

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Teacher's Corner - Dr. Garcia

Inspired by the story, Pop's Bridge by Eve Bunting, students in Dr. Garcia's third grade class constructed their own bridges as a STEM project. Students worked in teams to plan, design, and build bridges from different materials. Each bridge was critiqued in categories such as the longest, strongest, and most innovative. Students authentically learned the importance of everyone's participation in the process of reaching a common goal. It highlighted our theme: Every job counts!

Splash Club

The Davis School Splash Club, a spirited group of 4th and 5th grade community service volunteers, came in to school early on a cold December morning. They distributed hot chocolate, doughnuts, candy canes and thank you notes to all bus drivers and bus aides. They worked in teams and worked hard the entire morning! Great Job, Splash Club!

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Each month our principals recognize students who have birthdays during that month by giving them a special pencil and posing for a photo with them. This month January birthdays were recognized.
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Davis Elementary School

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