Kepler 22b

by: Mackenzee Ballard and Ashley Slowicki

Basic Info

Kepler 22b has a mass approximately 7.75*10^25 kg. It's radius is around 9501.6 mi. It's diameter was 19,002.4 mi. It's average distance from the sun is 79 million miles with an average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The length of the year is 290 days.

Interesting Facts

1) It would take 23 million years to reach Keppler 22b by using a space shuttle.

2) It would take 500-700 years to reach the planet using the speed of light.

3) Kepler 22b is the first exo planet found where liquid water and life could exist on its surface.

Problems and how to overcome them

1) This planet could be covered in water composition but it is still unknown.

2)The atmosphere is probably very dense due to the size of the planet so this would cause the temperature to be very hot.

3) Everything weighs more in Kepler 22b so you wouldn't be able to lift things up.

You could overcome these problems to make this planet suitable for human life by living on house boats if it is fully covered in water. If the atmosphere is too dense, have a city built inside a dome that has air conditioning. Lastly, you can use machines to life objects that are heavy.