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Google Classroom Updates you NEED to Know About


As you all know, Google is always changing their apps in an attempt to make their products more efficient and current. These most recent updates are no different. Recently, Google selected Classroom as the app to enhance. The following five updates are terrific addition to this app. They are aimed at making teacher's lives much easier and increasingly relevant in your curriculum.

See a Single View of a Student's Work

Teachers are FINALLY able to sort assignments by student. To get to this option, select the "Students" tab at the top and then click on the student's name. From there, you're able to sort the assignments by those that have been turned in, returned with a grade, or missing. This is a terrific breakthrough in Classroom simply because conferences with parents and students just became a whole lot easier!

Reorder Class Tiles

From an organizational standpoint, this upgrade is perfect! You are now able to reorder your Classroom "tiles" on the Google Classroom home page. You no longer have to attempt to set your classes up in order. To do this, simply click and drag the tiles to where you'd like them to appear in the display order. So now, particular people (like myself) can organize the classes by period, or however their organizational heart desires!

Decimal Grades

As avid Google Classroom users know, the point totals can be changed to reflect the selected assignment. Up until now, those points had to be a whole number. Along with the other additions, teachers can now assign decimal grades, with the ability to score that extra effort by a student.

Display the Class Code

In the past, if you've wanted students to join your Google Classroom, you could invite them using the invite option, which wasn't always accurate. Or, you could have written the class code in big letters on the white board or SMART Board at the front of the room. However, you now have the option to display the class code full screen directly in Classroom! Once on the "Students" tab, there is an option on the left hand side for the class code. In the drop down menu, the option to "Display" appears. This makes it a pop up box in the center of the screen. But, you can even click the box in the lower right hand corner of the pop up to make the Join Code displayed at full screen.

The Google Bar

Another cool addition is the addition of the "Google Bar" into Classroom. Sometimes referred to as the "waffle" or the "9-grid," this bar allows you to toggle between Google Apps. This also allows you to access apps right from Classroom, instead of having to exit the app and access those from the Drive screen.

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