Gregor Mendel

Founder of Physics


Gregor Mendel was born in the Czech Republic in 1822. He has been recognized for being the Father of Modern Genetics, and some other not so good things.

Early Years

Throughout his early years he had many great success, but also had a few struggles throughout his life. One of his greatest success and earliest in my opinion, is when he was recognized as a gifted child. Mendel was accepted into the University of Olomouc. When he was attending the university he struggled, because he spoke a different language at home then at school. Despite the communication struggles, he earned top marks in his math and science classes. After graduating he ended up entering the Augustinian Monastery due to that lack of money.

Gregor Mendel´s Experimental Design

Gregor Mendel being very good at mathematics and science went into studying heredity. He began to investigate heredity through pea and apple plants. He thought about apples and how if you mix a red and sour with a green and sweet apple, you'll get a green sour apple. He thought apple would be a great example but they would take too long to grow. In 1856 through 1863, he crossed to pea characteristics, long stem, and short stem, to see if he could predict the outcome of the hybrid pea. When he crossed a pea plant that produces yellow peas with a green pea producing plant, all of the new peas were yellow. So next he crossed a two yellow pea plants, but didn't get all yellow peas, he ended up with yellow and green.

Reactions to Gregor Mendel´s Experiment.

Gregor Mendel held two lectures where he presented and explained his findings to the Natural Science Society. He later published his work and findings but his work was not fully understood. Many other scientists thought he was just demonstrating what they already knew so Mendel´s work was not recognized until after his death.


Mendel may have not know it at the time, but his research would provide a foundation of understanding genetics. In the early 1900´s three scientists rediscovered Mendel´s published reasearch. the scientists ran experiments and gathered similar data to

Mendel´s. Later Mendel´s research and conclusion were referred to as Mendel´s Laws. Because of this he is known as The Father of Modern Gentics



Definition: Controls, the ¨Stronger¨ one

Example: Mace might have a Dominate personality


Definition: Gene that gets covered up by the dominant gene Example: Freckles


Definition Gene that is neither

Example:The woods are full of Co-dominant tress, oak and hickory.