Emperor Penguins

By Halyee Cloyed


Can you imagine holding your breath for 20 minutes under water? I can`t but Emperor Penguins can . That’s crazy cool!!!!!.

In this paper you will learn what they eat, where they live,what their body looks like,life cycle and fun facts and maybe some words you don`t know like balance and colonies.And that is what you will be learning.


Their diet is fish, squid and krill. They also eat crustaceans. You know that they feed their chicks by throwing up in the chicks’ mouths? That is just disgusting.

picture of penguins



Did you know penguins live in Antarctica? Antarctica is one of the coldest places in the world. They live somewhere like the zoo . They spend winter on icy Plains.

In the summer they dive in the water to keep coo


Did you know emperor penguins are 4 feet tall? That is amazing. Did you also know emperor penguins are birds but they cannot fly? It's awkward. Did you know emperor penguins are the tallest penguins in the world? That's just awesome!Tallest penguin

in the world... well that's just awesome

Life Cycle

he chicks hatch after about 2 months. Did you know the female only lays one egg?!That is weird. That is so cool

Fun Fact # 1

Emperors live in a group called colonies.

Fun Fact #1

Male Emperor Penguins balance the egg on their feet.

Vocabulary Words

Balance: to keep steady without falling.

Colonies: A large group of animals that live together in the same area.


I hope you learned a lot about Emperor penguins. Like habitat , new words, fun facts and the photos that you saw. If you want to learn more go to pebble go.com. Thank you for reading my informational writing about Emperor penguins.