Mario Aviles

My meography


Location is where you are in the world. It can be relative or absolute. Relative location is where you in relation to another absolute location. Absolute location is your exact location such as coordinates.

Relative: a couple of blocks south of the school.

Absolute: 45.6333° N, 94.5667° W


Movement is the transportation of people, goods, or information.


Place is the human and physical features of a location.

My home has a verity of human features in and around it, such as the Wobegon trail that runs behind my house, or the many buildings that surround my residence. The pipes and wires that run under ground are also an example of man made features, as is many cars that are parked in my neighborhood. There are also many natural physical features surrounding my home, the lake that is in front of my house is an example of one of these physical features, as is the trees and other plants that live behind my house and on the Wobegon trail, or the wild life that can be heard at night. The O2 and N2 that permeates the air on earth.

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Region is two or more places that have a unifying factor to them.

The midwest region has and affinity for tolerating cold weather.

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Human Enviornmental Interaction

Human Environmental Interaction is how we adapt, modify, and depend on the environment, I can adapt to extreme weather conditions by utilizing different types of clothing to suit my needs. I personalty haven't ever modify the environment, but my family drives a car that requires gas, so the more we drive the more oil is drilled, and that impacts the environment quit a bit. I depend on the environment for water, and food.