Anti-Government, Ruled By Citizens.

Citizens set free from the world of government.

Thesis Statement

The citizens should take control making laws because the government makes laws that the citizens would hate and start protesting against the laws, citizens would hate to live under the laws of the government. The Governments laws exterminate the citizens opportunity to live a life with fear and control.

"Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegutt and "The Lottery" By Shirley Jackson, realize of the Government control had been to thier limits and the tradition of thier people.

In “Harrison Bergeron” and “the lottery”, both of the text brings the Governments total control of the people who live in the region and people can’t change the way they live. Harrison had turned against the Government that disprove his way of living such as his looks, strength and his intelligence. And the Lottery, people protest against the tradition because of the use of murder, but one person has control of the event and he’s the government of this but wouldn’t overthrow the tradition.

Harrison Bergeron and Mrs Hutchinson

Both of these characters have impact the analysis because both of these characters had enough of the origins that had control their lives since birth. Both of the characters had been wanting to change the law or the way the live their lives. At least both had attempt to change.


The People should take control of their way of life because people would be happier and less violent toward each other. The government would make laws that people would hate and if the people have enough, they will even violently protest.

The coming election

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