The Mr. Ellis Newsletter

What's Going On in Mr. E's Class and Around CEMS

Week of March 23rd to March 27th

Students should be working on their Integer Time Line Project. See details below.

Our spring sport season started last week! There will be a home game for baseball, softball, and girls' soccer on Thursday versus SanLee. The home game from last week versus Dunn has not been rescheduled yet. Cost is $4 and the games start at 4:00 pm.

The 3rd Grading Period will end on Friday, April 3rd.

Report Cards will go home Thursday, April 16th.

Spring Break will be the week of April 6th to April the 10th.

Students will be given a practice EOG test the week before spring break.

March 30th - Monday - Reading

March 31st - Tuesday - Math

This is a trial run for our school as well as a 3rd 9 weeks benchmark. Please make sure that your child is here so they know where and with whom they will be taking their EOG test with during the last weeks of school.

Harnett County Schools will be in session on the following days:

April 3, 2015 - (This was a teacher workday/inclement weather day.)
June 9, 2015 - This will now be a full day of school. It was originally a half day of school for students.

June 10, 2015 - (This was a mandatory teacher workday.)

June 11, 2015 - (This was an optional teacher workday.)

June 12, 2015 - (This will be a school day with an early release.)

CEMS Variety Show

The CEMS Variety Show has been changed to Thursday, March 26th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The cost will be $5. The show is a fundraiser for our FalconSuccess Fest at the end of the year. Forms were sent home to buy tickets.

Integer Math Project

What is this project?

You will be creating a timeline that uses events from both before and after your birth. You will be labeling them with years as well as integers.

When is the project due?

This project will be due Wednesday, April 1st for 1st, 2nd, and 4th core. The project is due for 3rd core on Friday, March 27th.

What do I need to do to receive the most points possible?

You need to find 5 events that occurred prior to your birth. Since these events happened before you were born, they will be your negative events. On the number line, you need to label both the year that they happened and a number that corresponds to the year.

You need to find 5 events that have happened since your birth. Since these events happened after you were born, they will be your positive events. On the number line, you need to label both the year that they happened and a number that corresponds to the year.

You need to include your birth on your timeline. This will be the zero on your timeline. Please label it with a “0” as well as the year.

How do I figure out what number corresponds to the year?

To figure out which number to assign to the year, start at your birth, “0”. If you were born in 1998, that would be your “0”. If something happened in 1995, that was 3 years BEFORE you were born, so it should have a (–3). If something happened in 2000, that was 2 years after you were born, so it should be a (+2).

How should my timeline look?

Your timeline should be very neat. I will NOT accept a piece of notebook paper turned in with pencil writing. Put some time into this please. Some students have included snapshots, however pictures are not required. This makes it look very nice!!!

Remember that this is a number line, therefore, you should have a line for every number. You need only to plot the numbers for which you have corresponding events and years.

The timeline may be presented on any material.

How much is this project worth?

This project will be worth a total of 25 points on my rubric. Your point values will be multiplied by 4 for a final grade out of 100. For every picture attached, a 1/2 point will be added to your overall grade. The picture must support the event on your time line. A maximum of 5 points may be added to your test score. This grade will count as a MAJOR TEST GRADE!!

Vocabulary Words for March 23rd

integer - all whole numbers that are positive and negative including zero

positive - all numbers greater than zero

negative - all numbers less than zero

opposite - the number that is the same distance from zero that is on the other side of the zero

deposit - to put money into a bank (positive)

withdrawal - to take money out of the bank (negative)

debit - taking money out of an account (negative)

credit - putting money into an account (positive)

rise - to go up (positive)

fall - to go down (negative)

absolute value - how far a number is from zero

Words will go out Monday March 23rd and the Quiz will be Thursday April 2nd.

Would you like to get a text message from me telling you what your child has for homework each night?

Each night, I will send you a text message showing what that night's homework will be. Here are the instructions for signing up:

For 1st Core: Text "@ellis1st" to 678-228-8464

For 2nd Core: Text "@ellis2nd" to 678-228-8464

For 3rd Core: Text "@ellis3rd" to 678-228-8464

For 4th Core: Text "@ellis4th" to 678-228-8464