January @BVNLibrary

The Semester Started with a Bang...

as Pre-Cal Finanace Projects were due on January 2nd. We also saw almost every ELA class for independent reading check-out. We planned and implemented some really great new lessons with FOCUS, Art, and ELA. We also helped 2 math teachers as they move through the National Board Certification process. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures this month, but you can still read on for the deets!


Pre-Cal Finance Project

This project began at the end of 1st semester and was actually due on January 2nd. Students were assigned a scenario with a salary, school loans, and car payments to take into account while trying to purchase a home in the area. Students researched interest rates and home prices and used smore.com to create an online flyer for their project. We posted the projects here and students viewed and commented on the work of their classmates.

Environmental Research

Students in Dr. Ream's ELA 11 classes began a research paper. Students chose topics related to environmental issues and completed the research process including questioning, note-taking, and MLA format. This assignment will prepare students to write longer research papers as seniors next year.

FOCUS Independent Reading

Students in Mrs. Petzold's and Mrs. Steinwart's ELA classes learned to use the visual search option in the library catalog to choose independent reading books based on their interests. Students used features of the library catalog to search, make a list of possibilities, and interact with library staff to place holds on 1 or 2 books. The students were really excited for their books to be delivered!

Peer Reviewed or Not?

AP ELA IV students came to the library to play the always popular game "Peer Reviewed or Not!?" Actually, this is our way of trying to make an important but somewhat dull subject a little more fun. After learning what peer reviewed journals are and how to search for them, students then practiced their skills at creating an MLA works cited page.

Library Lesson at the Academy

Terri and Jane Sak spent a block period at the Academy assisting Emerging Technology students beginning a research project. They shared library resources and expertise on narrowing a topic.