Parent Peek at the Week

Week of September 28th, 2020

Good bye Ms. Jones!

We have been so lucky for the past year to have Jeanna Jones on our staff as part of our Room 2 Kindergarten Team! I wanted to take a minute to thank her for all her support, caring and partnership....both with Ms. Bartlett as well as the whole staff. Ms. Jones is a "go-getter". She is quick to jump in and help out at a moment's notice and always puts the children first. She always goes above and beyond and we have so enjoyed having her as a staff member. While we are excited to have Mrs. Holt back from maternity leave, we wish we could have BOTH of them on staff at the same time!

Ms. Jones - we hope that our paths cross with you again really soon!

Important Dates

Monday, September 28 - Day 5

Tuesday, September 29 -Day 1

Wednesday, September 30 - Day 2

  • TERRY FOX DAY!!!! Please see below for more information
  • Orange Shirt Day - please see below for more information
  • Rowan's Law Day - please see below for more information
  • Good-bye and best wishes to Ms. Jones :(

Thursday, October 1st - Day 3

  • Welcome back to Mrs. Holt! :)
  • Terry Fox Day - rain date

Friday, October 2nd - Day 4

  • Beginning at 9:15am - COVID safe Fire Drill - please see below for more information

Important Pieces of Information

1. Dogs at drop off and pick up time: We really do love all of our furry friends, but we have also learned this year that there are some children who are deathly afraid of dogs. When picking up your child/children from school, we would like to ask that you please wait well away from the main exit gates. We're having some trouble supporting these students in getting out to their parents, as they are too afraid to leave. Thank you so much for your support and understanding!

2. Boomerang Lunches: As we shared, and I'm sure that you have now seen, this year we are needing your support to have "boomerang lunches". In case you aren't aware, boomerang lunches has students bring home everything that comes in their lunch - garbage included. In order to support social distancing, especially when masks are off during lunch time, students are not able to get up and get to the garbage. This is also a great initiative to help our planet. Please consider sending lunches in Tupperware or Bento Boxes that kids can open themselves. For our younger students - if they struggle to open granola bars or yogurt, please consider opening them at home, or transferring them to a container they can open themselves. Due to social distancing, staff remain 1 - 2 meters from students as much as we can, so opening and touching lunches of multiple students in multiple rooms is not safe. Thank you for understanding!

Parents want to know!!!!

Once again this week we've had some timely and excellent questions from parents. Each week, I'll post a few here. If someone else is asking, others will have a similar question! If you have something you'd like to know or have a question that needs an answer, please feel free to send me an email and I'll include it in our next Parent Peek at the Week:

1. Why can't my child take off their mask BEFORE going outside and just leave it on their desk?

One of the challenging times to keep 2 meters distance is when we are walking in the hallway and our hallways are tight spaces! Therefore, it's important that we wear our masks until we get outside. According to our Mask Protocol: 3.4.9 - For outdoor breaks/recess, students must wear their masks right up to and through the exit doors of the school, then safely store it on their person.

We are still working on supporting students with what this looks like, but I promise we'll get there! Some options for storing a mask while outside are:

- putting our arm through both loops of the mask and pushing it up to the high forearm

- having a mask on a break away lanyard (it has to have the little break away piece so that it's not a choking hazard)

- having a fanny pack that your child could store their mask in

We also highly recommend that students come to school with a few extra masks so that as they get wet or soiled throughout the day, they can be changed.

2. Are we having School Council this year?

We sure are! At Kawartha Heights we have an active and supportive School Council and we LOVE having new members! This year our meetings will be virtual (at least to start). Please see below for more information.

3. How will I know if there is a case of Covid-19 at Kawartha Heights?

I know there is increasing worry about cases of COVID-19 in schools - and I thank those of you who have been reaching out to me directly to discuss in more detail all the ways we are working to keep everyone safe at school (please see previous editions of our Parent Peek at the Week for more on this....). If by chance there is ever a case at our school, we will be sure to inform you.

Once we are notified by the local public health agency that there is a confirmed case in our school, we will share that information directly with the school community. The local public health agency will conduct case and contact management and will call affected families and staff directly if there are any specific steps that they need to take, such as testing, self-isolation or self-monitoring for symptoms. Information will be posted on our school and school board websites if there is a case in a school. See below for further information from our KPR Board Office:

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School Council

Kawartha Heights has an active and fun School Council - and we would love to have as many members as possible! Our first meeting will take place virtually this year, on Monday, October 5th at 6:30pm. You can join the meeting at:

Please consider being a voting member, or taking on one of the executive roles. If interested in joining council with these rights, please complete the following form, before Friday, October 2nd:

The link to join our meeting on October 5th is:

Terry Fox Run and “Sox for Fox“

Although we have to do things a little differently this year, our annual Terry Fox run is still taking place! This week, we will be focusing on lots of great learning experiences in class, as this is the 40th anniversary since Terry embarked on his great journey. In addition to our classroom learning, we will be completing our school wide walk on Wednesday, September 30th (rain date Thursday, October 1st). Each class will walk at their own designated time in order to ensure social distancing and not crossing cohorts.

We are hoping that you will consider donating to this great cause. If even half our school donates a toonie, we will be able to raise over $200. And if we raise $200? Then each class gets to select one item that Mrs. Sampson gets to wear for the entire Terry Fox Day! This was a big hit last year, and we hope we can make it happen again this year. Please donate at the following link:

Unfortunately we are unable to accept donations directly at the school this year.

As a way to show our school spirit, we are also encouraging all students and staff to wear their craziest socks, as we celebrate “SOX for FOX”. It’s time to have a little school spirit fun!

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Socially Distanced Fire Drill!

This Friday will be our first "COVID" Fire Drill. This is how it will work:

1. Students will hear the fire alarm during morning announcements, so that they all remember what it sounds like.

2. At an assigned time, each class will walk outside at a normal pace, ensuring students are socially distanced. They will go directly to their assigned area, following all usual fire drill procedures.

In this way we can practice this important skill should we ever need it, but we'll do it in a way that is safe in these COVID times.

Orange Shirt Day

Each year our school board and province recognize this day to honour survivors and remember victims of Indian Residential Schools. Teachers will spend some time this week continuing to raise awareness of the residential school experience, at a developmentally appropriate level with our students. As a show of support, please consider having your child wear an orange t-shirt on Wednesday. Every Child Matters!

Rowan's Law

The last Wednesday of each September has been designated as Rowan's Law Day to help raise awareness about concussion safety. This week, our students will be engaging in these important discussions as we learn more about the importance of avoiding and diagnosing concussions.

For more information about who Rowan Stringer was and this important day, please visit:'s%20Law,on%20Wednesday%20September%2030%2C%202020.

Information from the KPR Board Office

KPR’s Parent Conference goes virtual

For the past 19 years, KPR’s annual Parent Conference has given parents and guardians free, direct access to expert advice on supporting their children’s learning and on raising healthy, resilient families. This year, we are hoping even more people will be able to participate in the event as it goes virtual.

We encourage all interested parents, guardians, staff and community members to join us online for this year’s Virtual Parent Conference, which will be held:

Saturday, October 17
9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
Theme: Drop the Worry Ball
Featuring Dr. Alex Russell

Dr. Russell is a clinical psychologist, a well-known and engaging speaker, and co-author of the book Drop the Worry Ball: How to Parent in the Age of Entitlement.

Online registration for his presentation will begin next week. All registrants will receive a link to watch the presentation live, and to ask Dr. Russell questions. Watch for more information soon.

One more thing....

I can't tell you how much I've appreciated your kind words at pick up/drop off time, phone calls and emails.... We always want you to get in touch if there are concerns or questions, but getting in touch "just because" has really meant so much these past few weeks. Thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness and understanding as we continue to navigate these challenging times.
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