Forrest Gump V. TTTC (Books)

By: Jack Kilmer

How were the two books similar ?

Forrest Gump and the book that was read in class " the things they carried" by Tim O'Brien are similar in ways that they both were set at the same time. Both books involved the Vietnam War. They both explained the important parts of it, but they both expressed it in different ways with different emotions or feelings that had toward the Vietnam war. Also they are both really similar by having vivid chapters of how brutal the Vietcong was toward the american soldiers .

How were they different ?

With similar topics and themes, these two books also had differences. One difference was the book Forrest Gump wasn't mainly focused on the Vietnam war, it had parts where they would focus on Forrest's mother, and also had parts where they focused on Forrest running across the country. Another way both books were different was that in the things they carried gave explicit details on what happened to the soldiers in battle and in Forrest Gump all the injures were either censored in the book or they were not stated because of the people that read the book, and there another thing right there, the books had different ratings due to the violent and crucial stories that were told in the things they carried.

Which book did you enjoy more ? why?

Personally, I liked the book Forrest Gump the best. Don't get me wrong, Tim O'Brien is an amazing author and his book was good but I liked Forrest Gump more because Winston Groom, an author I've never heard, but his writing was just like the book and it hit all the important events, also his writing was a lot easier to understand. When i was reading the things they carried didn't get the references he had in his writing and i got really confused when Tim changed course each chapter, he would talk about at topic or event in one chapter but he would forget about the very important details, but that is the way he meant to do it, writing each chapter like a journal entry, it was just really confusing to me.

Which characters did you relate to better? Why?

The character i related to better was Forrest Gump. Tim O'Brien had a lot of older people and had a lot more characters in it, but in Forrest Gump is the only main character, in the things they carried Tim made more than one main character, making it hard to relate to all of them as well as i relate to Forrest. In The book Forrest Gump by Winston Groom, he expressed his main character with the same personality as me, Forrest Gump was a lot younger, he was a lot more active to everybody and everyone around him. I am a person that really smart and not trying to let anything bother me, and although Forrest Gump was a kid with special needs, he had no one stop him on his journey to outcome his problems. Forrest was the best character to fit for this project when it comes to relating to me.

Summary of Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is raised by his mother in Mobile, Alabama. Despite being an idiot with a low IQ – which he admits to be – he plays an important roll in the football team of the local high-school. There Forrest also meets Jenny and his friend Bubba, who teaches him how to play harmonica and inspires him to start a shrimp business. Forrest enters the army and is later sent to Vietnam, where he looses his best friend Bubba.
After some eventful years – Forrest plays ping pong in China, becomes member of Jenny’s band, is imprisoned after a Vietnam War demonstration – Forrest is kind of forced to join a NASA project. The mission that sent him together with a woman and an ape called Sue to space fails and after the return Forrest lives some years with a native tribe on a Pacific island.
After his rescue Forrest meets his friends again, Jenny and Dan, whom he knows from the army. Forrest becomes a wrestler, plays successfully chess and acts in a movie until he finds his right job: he starts a shrimp business at the Golf Coast. After unhurriedly working together with ape Sue, Forrest is getting more successful and employs his mother and most of his friends. He even could have become senator if his life before had not been so troublesome. On his holidays Forrest meets Dan and Jenny again. She is married now and raises Forrest’ child that he has not known about. The following weeks Forrest travels with Dan and Sue through the Mississippi region, living a simple but very happy life.


Summary of TTTC

Lieutenant Jimmy Cross' platoon of soldiers are a group of very young men, most of whom are unprepared for the Vietnam War. They carry heavy rations and supplies, and pictures of their girlfriends, and fear and sadness and confusion. They often pretend that they do not feel as much as they do, because they don't want to look silly to the other soldiers. Jimmy Cross loves a girl named Martha who he knows will never love him back, and he continues to love her long after the war ends. The men do sometimes reveal their emotions, in heartfelt or comical ways. Tim O'Brien, the narrator, writes stories about his friends in his platoon. Mitchell Sanders mails lice he removes from his body to his draft board in Ohio. But there are many terrible memories Tim can't shake. He watched a man get blown up by a mine. He saw young men get hardened by grief and anger and injustice. He remembers believing the war was wrong, and wanting to run away to Canada. He even tries to go, and spends six days in a lodge at the border, but in the end he is too afraid of what his family and friends will think if he doesn't fight. He went to war, he says, because he was a coward. (