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Jean Jacques Rousseau

Jean was a Swiss born French philosopher, writer, and composer. He was Born in Geneva, Switzerland on June 28, 1712. He was raised by his father after his mothers death. His father made him write and compose at an early age allowing for him to become a very well written man by the time he was spreading his works and views. He supported a direct democracy, his so called social contract in which every citizen voted on everything. This was his major contribution to modern day America in which we have as close to a direct democracy as possible considering population.

Social Contract

Rousseau favored a system of direct democracy, in which all citizens voted on every issue. Although it took us into the 19th century for everyone to be able to vote, we also still elect officials to vote on almost everything apart from major issues for us. In this matter, we have moved a little closer to Rousseau’s ideal, although the United States will certainly never be a direct democracy. Rousseau was deeply influenced by John Locke who he differed from by believing in every individuals rights rather than just the wealthy.

Modern Day Influences

Without Rousseau modern history would be a very different story, no French or American Revolution, a much different ideal of direct democracy. Jean was the voice that people living in poverty and even middle class needed. He planted the idea to treat these people like everyone else rather than second class citizens. His ideals of citizens involvement in government was essential in the establishment in modern day Americas government.


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