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October 23, 2016

The Classroom Management Issue

This week I'm presenting the best links on classroom management. I still remember the first advice I ever received as a new teacher: "If the students aren't bored, they can't act up." That advice carried me well as I tried to challenge and engage students.

Ultimately the best teaching advice I ever received was "They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." For an arrogant young teacher, this advice altered my approach as a teacher, coach, and mentor (who thought he knew more than he really did). It is about building relationships in the classroom because we are trying to persuade our students to do what they don't want to do. Sounds like parenting, doesn't it?

What would our classes look like if we treated our students like volunteers? "Thanks for showing up today" we might say. Our positive attitudes would infect our students and encourage them to try a little harder. At the very least, let's admit that we don't know as much as we can and try to find new ways to reach students.

I hope you find something below to help you in your professional practice as we try to build positive school cultures.

Dr. Tim Uhl, Superintendent

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"Catholic School Matters" Podcast

Last Monday, Episode #6 dropped and included an interview with Dr. John James of Saint Louis University (Go Billikens!) who speaks about their innovative Catholic education initiatives. Tomorrow, the engaging Stephanie Saroki de Garcia, the Executive Director of the Seton Partners will talk about blended learning, philanthropy, and the future of Catholic schools.

Here is the link to the podcast on iTunes. Please subscribe to the podcast so new episodes will automatically download. The show is also available on Stitcher and Google Play. If you don't have accounts with any of those content providers, here is the link to my basic page with the podcasts.

The Week Ahead

Sunday: travel to Indianapolis for NCEA's Catholic Leadership Summit

Monday: Catholic Leadership Summit (CLS)

Tuesday: CLS

Wednesday: CLS

Thursday: CLS

Friday: office (Helena)

This week: 3,262 air miles

Last week: 790 driving miles

2016-17: 12,539 driving miles; 7,416 air miles

What I'm Reading 2016-17

  1. The Song of the Dodo by David Quammen.
  2. Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis. The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis (finished)
  3. Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman. (finished)
  4. Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption Cragun & Sweetman (finished)
  5. Cultures Built to Last: Systemic PLCs at Work by Fullan and DuFour (finished)
  6. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown (finished)
  7. Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time by Margaret J. Wheatley (finished)
  8. The Orange Frog by Shawn Achor (finished)

Montana Catholic Schools

Serving 3800+ students in 24 Catholic schools across the Treasure State

For Principals

  1. Montana Catholic Schools now has a new Facebook page.
  2. I have sent out information for the annual NCEA data collection based on our October 1st count. Please fill out the online forms by October 24th.
  3. Please check the principal portal for administrative requirements and monthly principal tasks.
  4. On the Horizon:
  • Fall Principal meetings: Nov 14th Great Falls, Nov 15th Pryor, Nov 16th Missoula.

Classroom Management Philosophy



For New Teachers

Classroom Management Strategies To Take Control Of Noisy Students