Martin Luther

saint or sinner?


1) Martin Luther's 95 Theses proved to the church that what they were doing was corrupt and he stood up for the people as well, who were being treated awfully by the church and being informed falsely of what their money was going towards. Martin Luther stated in his 95 Theses that, "If the pope worked as he should all the problems stated above would not have existed" Luther is stating that the pope has done nothing right. The people came to the realization of the church's corruption once Luther stepped in and proved the church wrong.

2) Luther was admired by the people for his courage of standing up to a higher power and stating his beliefs in front of the church. Luther refused to take back what he said, because he stated that it was the truth. Luther's courage of standing up for his beliefs allowed for the reformation of the Catholic church to take in his ideas and do what was best for the people.

3) The church changed their ways and reformed old laws of the church to better the people. The church eliminated indulgences, because they were worthless, a piece of paper could not save the souls of the dead. Indulgences were sold through the church to gain money from the people instead of truly allowing them to help their lost ones. Luther states," A dead soul cannot be saved by an indulgence". The pope also began to use the money he received for the good of the people instead for his own personal gain. Luther sparked the Reformation of the Catholic Church which made him a saint


1) Luther broke the laws of the church and disobeyed the Pope. Luther believed what he was doing was right, but to get his point across he had to break laws to do so. This hurt Luther because the church no longer saw him as a good man. He wrote his 95 Theses using his own interpretation of the church and had no business in correcting what the church thought was right. Luther was a sinner for breaking laws and refusing to take back the awful things he said about the church and the Pope. "I will not recant anything"

2) The church lost followers through what Luther was proving, because they believed every word he said. The church had no control over Luther and he continued to corrupt the church through loss of followers and money. The church strongly disliked Luther because of the dramatic way he chose to get his point across.

3) Nothing Luther stated was a fact, it was pure opinion, he went behind the churches back to write bias wrongdoing of the church and continued to escalate his point through not only printing his thoughts but printing them in all languages for all to read. "He also translated the New Testament into German so all literate persons could read the word of God themselves"