Its for a great cause :)

Teens For Jeans<3

1.7 million teens are

The #1 item they request from shelters is a pair of jeans and you can help

Steps to get started :)

1) Sign up

Sign up to run a drive at your school and invite your friends to join. Once 5 people from your school have signed up, you'll receive a banner and flyers to help run your drive! You can also sign up as an individual.

2) Promote and collect

Download posters, make fliers and run a drive in your school or community to collect as many jeans as you can.

3) Drop off

Drop off your collected jeans at any Aero or P.S. store. Each person who participates receives a 25% off coupon for a new pair of jeans. All jeans collected will be donated to a local charity or shelter right in your community!*If dropping off more than 500 jeans, call your local store to make arrangements beforehand.

4) Tell us about it

If you want your school to be entered to win the Grand Prize, report back the number of jeans you collected after you drop them off. Make sure you tell us by February 24th!

"Jeans For Teens" For more information visit us at