Celebrate Rocky and Bullwinkle Day

By: Matthew Eaton

Why Celebrate Rocky and Bullwinkle Day

Well these two amazing characters brought happiness to children and families for six years. They were "born" into the world on November 19, 1959 and even though it wasn't the greatest cartoon animation it still was loved. This would be great for adults and children to watch, recall, and see for the first time.

The Show

The show Rocky and Bullwinkle was about the adventurers of a flying squirrel and a moose. They would always find themselves in sticky situations, usually because of Natasha and Boris's evil plans. Even though Rocky doesn't always know they are being evil he seems to win with Bullwinkle at his side every time. Other than Rocky and Bullwinkle the show featured some crazy shorts about other zany characters. Like the fractured Fairy tales. All together the show was a huge success. People still wished it played today.

They Even Got a Movie

Rocky and Bullwinkle starred in there very own movie where they are blown up and straight out of their cartoon. Soon Natasha and Boris escape and try and destroy Rocky and Bullwinkle. In the end of course Rocky and Bullwinkle win again.