Illyria Now

Malvolio: The Madman

As reported by Olivia, the highest royalty, she has seen insanity by her loyal subject Malvolio. "He was wearing these hideous yellow, cross- gartered socks and claims I sent him the letter!" She reported earlier this week. Many people think he's possessed and are worrying. "The devil can only be peacefully brought out of him." Priest Tobas said. Malvolio has stayed in the castle dungeon of the past. Sir Toby Belch has seen him acting strange and prays for him to recover safely.

A Secret Admirer?

Love Is In The Air

Over the past week after the shipwreck, there is love in the air. Although Olivia has love for Cesario, Sebastian has arrived and may change her love, because they are twins. The druken man has found adoration in Marias cunning tricks. But, one man stands alone. Antonio, who was willing to fight Cesarios duel for him and was put in jail, has love for a man. This may sound weird for a man to love another man, but nothing will change his love for him.