Chinese paper cutting

中國剪紙 by : Jovana Espinoza


Chinese paper cutting is a traditional art that Chinese have done since the 6th century. The oldest paper that has been found in XinJiang, China and is about 15000 years old. Paper cutting has been used for decoration in festivals and celebrations.


There are many symbols used in paper cutting such as "double happiness" which is a symbols for happiness and is the most popular symbol used in china.

The spreading of paper cutting

Paper cutting has been very popular all over the world. Chinas paper cutting first spread to Austria then all over Europe. Paper cutting was a very useful for furniture since it was cheaper than carving. In Poland, Paper Cutting reached its high point between the 1840's and the beginning of World War I.

How too ...

For Chinese paper cutting there are not many materials needed to make it them . All you need is thin paper scissors and an imagination. You can make your own drawings and symbols, but there are many tutorials online to make a practical one like the "double happiness". Just like making a paper snow flake Paper cutting can also use a lot of folding to be able to make one.