Madrid, Spain

beautiful gardens, delicious food, and amazing landmarks

Delicious, traditional food to eat.

Feast on some of Spain's finest, traditional foods. For breakfast try churros. Churros are stripes of sugared fried dough dripped in thick hot chocolate. For lunch one traditional food to eat is Paella. Paella is a rice dish that can have meat, fish, seafood, or vegetables. For dinner one popular food to eat is Tapas. Tapas is like an appetizer and you can add sides. If your hungry for dessert, try Tocinillo de cielo ( also know as creme carmel ). Tocinillo de cielo is a sweet, traditional dessert made with a dozen eggs, lemon peel, and sugar. So make sure you try one Spain's traditional foods.

When is the best time to visit for you?

Madrid has a season for everyone. Want to chill out-visit during the cool winter months from November to February. These months are a good time to walk around the beautiful city of Madrid these months are June to August. In November the temperate drops down to 55 degrees. In August the temperate reaches up to 100 degrees. Therefore, there is a right time for everyone to visit.

Amazing and beautiful places to visit.

Want to visit some beautiful and amazing landmarks? Why not try Madrid? Madrid is recognized as the Art capital. It's filled with Europe's largest museums and art galleries. You can visit beautiful places like Retiro park, Rerina Sofia, and National Art museum. Another landmark is the Tower of Spain. Tower of Spain is a 231 meter high television tower. If you're looking for some beautiful landmarks, Madrid is the right place for you.

Madrid's language

You might think that Spain has a one official language but actually Spain has four. Spanish is the national language language of Spain but, Spain has three other official language called Euskara, Catalan, and Galician. The most common language is spanish. 82% of people in Spain speak spanish. Overall, Spain has four official languages but, spanish is the most common languages.

Fun activities to do and watch.

Madrid is filled with a lot of activities to do and watch. A traditional and fun activity to watch is a bullfight. Bullfights take place at Plaza de Toros de la Vertas. In Spain their favorite sport to play is soccer. Madrid is filled with some world-class art museums. Lots of people love watching flamenco dancing. Altogether, Spain has some really fun activities so make sure you check it out.

Come visit the awesome culture and arts of Madrid.

Have you ever learned or seen the culture or Arts of Madrid? Madrid has world-famous art, architecture and cultural diversity. Madrid is one of the greatest cultural cities in the world. Music and dance is a traditional art in Spain. There are over 200 traditional dances in Spain. So come and see the culture and arts of Madrid.
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