The DeLaPaz Dazzler

Week of Sept. 21st

Weekly Update

We had a great week in 3MD. We went on a field trip to see Mary Poppins. The kids did a great job watch they students of the district perform. I hope you all liked the photos and videos I posted to our Homeroom app. To join our class follow the link!
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In reading we get an hour to work on assignments we usually spend about 15 minutes doing whole group activities. During reading we also have guided reading and we get assignments to do and we get about one or two days to complete the assignment and then you have guided reading and turn in your assignment and get a new one.

By Tessa Schumacher


On wednesday we wrote what would you think would happen in the Mary poppins play and what do you know about Mary are writing jornil drew a big heart and we fild it up with what we love and then if we can write about anything and you don't no what to write about you look at your heart.we made some crafts and they went with writing so we glued them in are writing jornil.Today we wrote about gavin because he was top banana so we made a page for him with evrey ones papers get put to gether we make it in to a madison

Social Studies

in social studies we studied about where we live and the big things we live at.we studied about the earth's hemisphere.we are doing an animoto project about the places we live.we want it to be a great project!we talked about the smallest things we live in to the biggest things we live in.first is our house then it is our toun then county then a state then a country then a continent then a hemisphere then the planet then the galaxy.The galaxy is the biggest thing we live in.



Math- Mrs. DeLaPaz

In math class we are working on math triangles and math facts. We will be working on then in this math unit. We will be Working on a lot of simple math facts so then we can get to bigger math problems.We are in unit 2 now. Math is Awesome.By lindy

Math- Mrs. Busky

In Mrs.Busky's Math class, we are learning about whole numbers. We are learning how to identify the value,range,minimum,maximum,mean,and the median of a number. Mrs.Busky is teaching us also how to read numbers. Some people do not know how to read numbers in the millions and billions so she is teaching us how to do that. But this unit we are focusing on whole numbers, how to read them and how to identify each number. By, Ashley


In music we are singing a ram sam sam a ram sam sam gole gole gole gole gole ram sam sam

alrafe alrafe gole gole gole gole gole ram sam sam.

And sometimes the school sang. By Christo


In art we are drawing landscapes for art to remember. We are also drawing and painting leafs. Are class is doing is very well in art! I hope you admire your child's art work and are proud of them!

By:Madelyn stien


In PE we do something called team building sometimes.Other times we do fitness testing.I like to play after I do what I have to do what I need to do.P.E is a good place to exercise.P.E is a good place to get your body ready for the day.It's a good way to get your body. By: Owen