Sarah Albee

is coming to Wells Road School!

Sarah Albee is an Author

We are excited that she is going to spend time with us at Wells Road School. She will come on April 18 and she will do a presentation just for third graders. She knows that you have been learning about writing informational papers this year, and she will share some tips with you, because she is a nonfiction author. Let's get ready to welcome her!

Facts about Sarah Albee

She lives in Connecticut with her husband, three kids, and her dog, Rosie.

Mrs. Smith met her two years ago - she is very nice and lots taller than Mrs. Smith!

She has written more than 100 books for children!

She worked on Sesame Street and wrote Elmo books.

Sarah Albee was a basketball player in high school and college, and played in Egypt on a semi-professional team.

She loves history and likes to research different things about the past, like famous people, events, bugs, fashion, poison and even poop.

She cares a lot about kids and likes to hear their ideas.

Sarah Albee is looking forward to visiting you!

Why'd They Wear That?

For the past few years, Sarah has been working with National Geographic and has written several books about history. She wanted to understand changes in clothing, so she found out about what people wore and why. She found out that there were lots of interesting reasons that fashion changes, and she wanted to help kids understand the past. Her book, Why'd They Wear That? comes from her research about clothes.

Book Trailer

Dog Days of History

We are lucky to have an early copy of Dog Days of History. It just came out on March 27, and it is filled with facts about people and their dogs - from ancient times until now. I think it will answer some questions you have about dogs, and give you new questions to research on your own!

Book Trailer

Book Orders

Sarah Albee will sign books that you bring to school, but we are not organizing a book sale. If you want her to sign your books, please bring them to school by Tuesday, April 17th, with any personalization information she'll need to make the book special for you or a friend.

Help us welcome Sarah Albee!

After you read about her and find out about her books, you can help us welcome her by sharing something to ask her. It can be about her life as a writer, the way she learns new information, or about her books. You can ask your question on FlipGrid (link below). Remember that you should not include your last name online.