Pretty Ugly

Author: Karyn Langhorne Folan


In this story theirs a 14 year old teenage girl Jamee who is going through a lot of drama in high school. she's struggling with her grades, and she always being compared to her older smarter sister (And that ticks her off). And now she is trying out to be a cheerleader but then something comes in the way. Then in the end she loses her boyfriend but she honestly doesn't care.


- Jamee- I think Jamie is your average high school girl who's trying to get by.

-Angel- Nerves, never see her in the hallway kind of girl really shy

-Vanessa- she the girl who always wants to be notice the really pretty girl who starts drama.

-Amberlyn- she's the really good friend you can depend on at any time.

-Dezmond- the really cute boy every girl want acts cool but really jealous kind of insecure deep deep down inside

-Darcy- the really smart high achiever that wants every thing good in life.

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Alajah Taylor

When I was in the library looking for a book for my final grade I wanted to look for a drama book and when I went to that section, this exact book was sitting on top o the shelf. And for some reason that book spoke to me and said choose me, please! And so after the past few weeks I'm glad I choose this book because its really good.