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Freedom's Parent University Newsletter - January

Parent of the Month - Tom Arelano

Tom Arelano has had a large involvement with his son, Tom, who is a 7th grader here at Freedom. His education and involvement in school activities is very important to Mr. Arelano. He has come with his son to extracurricular activities like the Biggest Loser Challenge and our field trip to the Wolves game. At these events, he gets involved with the other students and is making sure everyone is having a great time. He makes contact regularly with Tom's teachers to make sure that Tom is succeeding in classes. He has been a great help with the school, the teachers, and his son's education. Thank you so much for all your help!

Click on the "Parent Tip of the Month" link above to find tips on communicating effectively with your child's school

Do you regularly have questions regarding things going on at school? Is it hard to find things on the Internet to help you answer these questions? If you are answering yes to these questions, there are other ways that you can communicate with your school. Some of these include:

- regular contact with the teacher

- join in parent and/or student activities at school

- talk to other people in the community that also have contact with the school

- spend time watching your child in the school.

For details and even more ways to communicate effectively, click on the link above.

Upcoming Events at Freedom Middle School

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