Google Forms

Midway Summer PD 2016


Description: This course will focus on how to use, create, send and view responses with Google Forms. There will be an extended section that will show you how to use Flubaroo with Google Forms. These are divided into 2 sections as seen below.

Tech Credit:

  • 3 hours of SBEC and technology credit
  • There are 2 sections to this course to make it easier for you to manage. Please understand that you have to complete BOTH sections to get the 3 hours of credit. There is no partial credit.

Due Date: Thursday, June 16th at 4:00pm

Questions: Email Amy Davis at


  • You will need a computer for this course. Google Forms is not very iPad friendly. You will be able to view things on your iPad, but I do not recommend creating the Google form on your iPad.
  • Be prepared to log into your Midway Google account and access Google Drive. Please email me if you need help getting to your Midway Google account.

Requirements: See below for the tasks that need to be completed for section A and section B. Please complete both sections to receive credit.

Section A: Google Forms

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Task 1: Ways to use Google Forms

Review the two resources below to help you find ways to use Google Forms in the classroom or your school. You will be asked to share 3 of these ways in Task 4.

Task 2: Google Forms Video Tutorial

There are 4 important steps to take note of when using Google Forms:

  • Creating the form
  • Changing the settings for the form
  • Sending the form to your audience
  • Viewing the responses

Watch the video below to see these 4 things in action.

Task 3: Google Forms Written Instructions

In Task 2, you watched a video to quickly show you the main process. Now you will view a more detailed version of everything you need to know about the Google Form process. Click on the 2 links below and review the steps listed.

Task 4: Google Form Assessment

Click the link below to complete the assessment. The questions and activities in this form are based on the first 3 tasks you have already completed. I have set the form up for you to log in with your Midway Google Account. Please email me if you have trouble getting into that account.
Google Form Assessment

This is the assessment for Section A: Google Forms

Section B: Flubaroo

What is Flubaroo?

Flubaroo is an Add-On that grades a completed Google Form. It is a free tool that helps you quickly grade a Google Form as if it was a quiz. Keep in mind there are other tools that you can use for quizzes like Socrative, Kahoot, Edmodo quizzes, etc.

Task 1: Flubaroo Video Tutorial

View this video to see an overview on how to set up and use Flubaroo with Google Forms.
Flubaroo Overview

Task 2: Flubaroo Instructions

Click on the link below to get a detailed list of instructions on how to integrate Flubaroo with Google Forms. After opening the link below, If you click where it says "Step 1: Create an assignment", that process will walk you through what you will need to do to complete the assessment in Task 3 below. TIP: After you have created your Google Form Quiz, you can go to the preview option in the top right corner (look for the eye icon) to take the quiz like a student would take it)

TASK 3: Flubaroo Assessment

Click the link below to complete the assessment. This is the last task to that you will need to complete to get a total of 3 hours for the entire course. I have this assessment set up so that you have to log in with your Midway Google Account. Email me if you have trouble logging in.
Flubaroo Assessment

This is the assessment for Section B: Google Forms with Flubaroo