Belief systems


Confucianism is a religion of Chinese origin, it is sometimes thought of as a philosophy, and other times a religion. The main beliefs are humaneness, justice, ritual propriety, knowledge, and integrity.

It has one main god Tian, but also has personal gods, for smaller things.


Taoism or Daoism is a polytheistic religion that is very large in Asian countries, it was originally made in China. They believe in a acres texts, rituals, afterlife, and immortality.


Hinduism originated and is practiced mainly in India, they believe in ancient scriptures, and they have an all powerful, transcendent god. They believe in karma, and reincarnation as well.


Buddhism originated in China, and is mainly practiced there. The four teachings are "there is suffering, there is cause for suffering, there is cessation of suffering, there is path leading to the cessation of suffering."


It is a polytheistic religion, that believes in one all powerful god that you a n communicate with through prayer. The Torah is their religious book, and has all of their teachings. It originated in Israel and is practiced in Israel mainly, but is fairly globalized.


Christianity originated in Jerusalem, and it is a monotheistic religion. It believes in praying to their god, and has holidays on a eastern and Christmas. It is mainly practiced in European countries, America, and Canada.


Islam is a monotheistic religion. It believes in prophets that deliver the word of god, Allah. They believe that they have to live in a way that pleases Allah so they can gain access to paradise. It originated in Mecca, and is practiced around the world.
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