the lady or the tiger

a new book you should read

the lady or the tiger

The lady or the tiger is a mistifiying story about life death and romance ….. well not exacty romance but unexpected marriage

a short summary of the lady or the tiger

the summary and things

the story of the lady or the tiger is about a king his kingdom and his beautiful young daughter this king is very barbaric and when you get into trouble and it is brought to the king he puts u in an arena with two doors and in the two doors is either a loin or a young maiden and if u pick one door you get the lion and that means your guilty but if u get the maiden everyone comes down and you get married emitiately even if your already married this is the kings semi barbaric method of justice

Conflict the was the man who loved the princess and that was wrong in the kings eyes and you could tell because of how he acted had done something and he was shaking just before he opened a door

Character the man in the arena he gave away to the resolution he was sweating like he

The theme of the story is very old timey almost like when the geeks lived and pretty barbaric because of the king he nice to his daughter and to his kingdom but when I came to justice he was barbaric

you really should read this book