Race For Grace

Julia Bazanos

The 9th Annual Race for Grace!

This years Race for Grace is coming soon, this event honors Grace and many other special people who doubt with cancer. It is a very meaningful event that gives people the time to do something for an amazing little girl and cause.

Race details

Saturday, April 2nd, 9pm

251 McMahon Drive

Irwin, PA

The Race starts in the morning and starts with Graces story every single year; including the national anthem.
Race For Grace


Starting before 9 in the morning will be pre-race entertainment and some fun warm up exercises led by coaches. Before the race will include breakfast at the concession stand in the cafeteria from 7 to about 9. Approximately at 9:00 will begin the race, after the race will include entertainment such as, the awards ceremony, hair donations, live dance performances and etc...