Dirty thirties catching up with us

Quindon L Oliver

The reason of the First Dust Bowl

The dust bowl occurred because of the combination of drought and poor land use practice that created the environmental disaster. Next the wind started to pick up. All the dust impacted the precipitation. “The dust bowl was unique in its spatial pattern. The wind picked up speed rapidly." The dust was able to cover almost all of texas. Which is the 2nd largest state

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The new causes of Dust Bowl

The drought that was in 2012 and is still continuing could cause devastation like another dust bowl. “The drought was unusually long and unusually hot” said co-director at the Institute Jonathan environment. The Prevailing Westerlies could also affect the trouble with the winds blowing from west to east on a global scale. Majority of the country is in a drought right now. “Nearly 60% of the United States, mostly in the center and west of the country, is currently experiencing moderate to exceptional drought conditions, (According to the National Drought Monitor.)

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How to stop the madness

There are many ways you can prevent another dust bowl. You could plant grass in the states, this stops the dirt from flying up and get the dirt more fertile. “CRP is a Federal program that pays farmers to keep millions of acres of land planted with grasses rather than crops in order to keep soil from blowing away.” “The plan was to prevent another dust bowl.” The grass will help thousands of farmers not lose dirt from their farms. So all the farmers have to do is plant grass for about 2 years. After the two years the soil should be fertile again.

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