What is Cholesterol?

An in-depth analysis of what you need to know

The two types to keep your eye out for!

HDL- This is what is known as good cholesterol. It goes through the blood stream scavenging for LDL and takes it to the liver with it.

LDL- Usually referred to as bad cholesterol because it contributes to plaque and it can clog the arteries and can make them less flexible.

Why is it important? When should I be worried?

Well a doctor wants to determine your risk of heart attack and stroke, too high levels of LDL can cause these problems. You should be worried when your LDL levels reach 190. Also be aware that getting your glucose and triglycerides measured.

Things to do to combat bad Cholesterol

How fats affect your health and cholesterol

If you are eating too many saturated fats and there are too many trans fats per calorie, you should try and cut back on these fats for ways to further improve your LDL goal.

Your cholesterol test

It will show your Cholesterol levels in milligrams per deciliter of blood. To calculate your cholesterol ratio, divide your HDL into your total cholesterol. You want a ratio less than 3.5-to-1.