Trail Blazer News

September 6th-9th

Student of the Week: Mary Thomas!

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Interview Conducted by our Communication Crew!

What is your favorite thing to do?

Mary Thomas: Gymnastics!

Will your mom say yes to a play date?

Mary Thomas: Yes.

What is your favorite color?

Mary Thomas: Blue and Pink.

When is your birthday?

Mary Thomas: April 24th.

Do you like to read?

Mary Thomas: Kind of.

What is your favorite book?

Mary Thomas: Gymnastics.

What is your favorite show?

Mary Thomas: Mako Mermaids, Liv and Maddie, and America's Got Talent.

Our Fabulous Communication Crew with Mary Thomas!

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Headphones Needed ASAP!

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Please send headphones!

Every child will need headphone for iReady testing! Your child will also use headphones during Daily 5 and math several times per week. Due to health concerns, it is best for children to have their own set of headphones. Please send in a set of headphones (not earbuds) at your earliest convenience. They will be able to enjoy our incredible technology as soon as they have headphones. :) We would greatly appreciate donations if you are able to send more than one set.

Important Dates

  • SEP 15 Thu 6:00 pm: PTO Meeting @ TBD

  • SEP 20 Tue 5:00 pm: Title I – Open House and Ice Cream Social

  • SEP 22 Thu 3:30 pm: Back to School Dance

  • SEP 29 Thu 5:30 pm: International Potluck @ Claxton Cafeteria

  • OCT 4 Tue TBT: Fun Run Pep Rally

  • OCT 4 Tue 14th 8:00 am: Fun Run

We are rocking our mClass Assessments!

I am in the process of completing several reading assessments with each student. These assessments give us a clear picture of where your child is currently reading, and provide incredibly valuable information for targeted, differentiated instruction. Students will track their data in Leadership Binders throughout the year to set goals and monitor their growth. I will share your child's current reading scores as soon as the testing window is complete.
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Wish List Items

We would greatly appreciate your support with the following item:

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Ava: Super Helper and Amazing Reader! :)

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Our Mystery Reader!

Thank you, Walter, for being such an amazing Mystery Reader! We were so excited to have you read to us today!
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Our First Lesson in the Library as Second Graders!

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Room Rep Needed!

Please contact me if you are interested in being the room rep for our classroom! :)